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I started up my testnet witness again. Running test-5.1.0

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A little slow, but I am in the process of updating to tag test-3.2.0

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I am going to shut down my testnet witness. Please remove votes from iamredbar1-witness.

I had intended on eventually applying to be a main net witness but with the current witch hunt that is going on, I feel it is too hostile of an environment. This also means that I won’t be launching a testnet api node either.

I don’t see how outside people will want to join when members are attacking each other for their own benefit.

I’m guessing you are all adults, you should act like it.

you are right !  Please consider to join a new chain. , and be a witness with us!

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Updated testnet witness to tag "test-3.1.0"

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- I have created a smart asset to start practicing price feeding to.

- I also have plans to host a public testnet API node (sometime soon)

Here is a snapshot of the performance of the witness over the first 6 days of block production:

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OS: Ubuntu 16.04.6
Memory: 8gb
Storage: 160gb SSD
CPU: 4-core
Login method: SSH-key

Witness running with block production (picture):

Here are the built in metrics from the server, from building BitShares core to present time:

I am still working on steps 3 and 4 DL, I'll have a backup server up in 24-48 hours and work on hardening the witness over the next couple of days.
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Again you jumping steps without consultation :) :) :) Ill have to explore back of your name again! Naughty boy, naughty!!!!

Now, joke on a side...

1) Give specs of the node (VPS configuration, OS, environment u used)
2) Post a screenshot of witness running
3) Setup backup witness
4) Harden testnet (ssh port, root, fail2ban, firewall, rDNS, etc...)

Post more details, ill move the post.
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My witness node is synced.

Please vote for it in testnet: iamredbar1-witness

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This thread might be better suited in Stakeholder Proposals. If so, @mod please move.

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Hello everyone!

I would like to present myself as a testnet witness, iamredbar1-witness. I am running my node with the "witness" plugin to save with memory.

The node is currently syncing, I will update this post when it is synced up.