Author Topic: How to install a decentralized exchange with no transaction ?  (Read 1602 times)

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yes i can share my smart contract idea to you. PM me if you want to see
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Having an exchange with zero transaction could be just the matter of applying proper filters. Creating a new coin you can do with the Bitshares UI (or your own deployed ui).

Smart contracts not so easy, could you present the use case you want to cover? Maybe it is already possible


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All i am asking i need a own Decentralized exchange and there will be no transaction.. then i will add few coin and will create few smarts contracts in block-chain. got it ? is it possible ?


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I am not sure what you mean here , although you can have all of the above features on an Ethereum DEX , where you can list unlimited number of coins (ERC standards) to be traded at the on chain level. I would recommend checking out 0x protocol as well for your convenience.

Maybe you are asking the wrong questions bud.

Hope that helps.


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Still Waiting for a good Developer... experts knock me pls..


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Can u help me to find a good developer, i tried but didn't find. i want to work with a programmer not company. i have well budget..

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You need to modify the C++ code and certain configuration files. And do certain housekeeping after launch.

From other threads, you've got a testnet up, but still don't know how to proceed, please find a good developer to help you. Not too easy to answer the whole process here. (I'd admit that we do need better documentation)
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You already have a thread open on that issue, please stick to it.

Anyways (probably what we asked you via email as well):

 - do you really require your own blockchain
 - or do you only want a frontend / website that does not show any of the existing assets of the BitShares blockchain?



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Hello Everyone,

Who can help me about below thing  ?
i need a decentralized exchange with no transaction , and i will call it METABLOCK, Default coin will be  meta1 coin. after that i want to add 450 000 000 coins , witness and 5 Smart Contracts..  if anyone understand what i want, pls give me a guideline. i m Linux machine ready for do any process .  waiting for suggestion.