Author Topic: pybitshares: relationship between wallet and from-account specified in transfer  (Read 1064 times)

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1. Yes, precisely
2./3./4. Every account in BitShares has permissions that are granted by holding the corresponding private key. By adding the private key to the wallet you grant the corresponding permission. The wallet recognizes itself if this key belongs to an account.

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In looking at the following code:

Code: [Select]
from pprint import pprint
from bitshares import BitShares

testnet = BitShares(


testnet.transfer("init0", 1, "TEST", account="xeroc")
testnet.transfer("init1", 1, "TEST", account="xeroc")
testnet.transfer("init2", 1, "TEST", account="xeroc")
testnet.transfer("init3", 1, "TEST", account="xeroc")


We see that assets are transferred from the account xeroc to init0, init1, init2, and init3.

My questions are:
  • was the wallet created using code similar to this:  ... how else might it have been created?
  • Does a private key need to be added for that wallet
  • What is the relationship between the account "xeroc" and the wallet that was created?
  • Are the terms "wallet" and "account" official Bitshares terminology? Where are they defined