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If it's not a testnet, you need ~290 BTS to create a new ≥5 letter asset (4-letter costs 11,578 BTS, 3-letter is like buying a new car). According to the screenshot, your current balance is 0.

When creating an asset, focus on its name, type and number of decimal points. It's impossible to change those params later. For example, if you want to make smart asset like bitGOLD, select 'SmartCoin'.

If you create a simple asset, choose right 'Core exchange rate'. It should be smaller than the asset's market price to protect its fee pool from draining (-144 BTS)

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Good job.

Then go to
to create a new asset with the hime2017 account.


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Hello every one ? i just setup my bitshares wallet  here :  and now i want to list a new coin there,  is it possible if yes  then how ? pls advice me ..