Author Topic: How to develop a coin for bitshares ?  (Read 1349 times)

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1. Yes, BitShares UI is wallet and exchange in one

2. No, it is a built-in feature of the BitShares Blockchain. You can configure your own BitShares UI deployment to only a selected amount of assets

3. Graphene is coded in C++, already pointed you to the person in charge. There is no easy way to lean Graphene. Try and fail, and fail again. And then, suddenly, it's working and you don't remember why, because all of your head is filled with beautiful Graphene knowledge.

Offline sschiessl

1. This is a deployment of the BitShares UI, which is a frontend that connects directly to the Blockchain. The exchange is integrated there as well

2. Click "Create asset" at

3. Adding new Smart Contracts to the backend is a tedious task, the current backend team is led by Ryan Fox
    Please contact him, he can point you to the right documentation. Adding SmartContracts to BitShares requires that you do a BSIP which then needs to be approved by all Stakeholders. To have full control directly by yourself you would need to setup your own Blockchain.

Consider your use case and if you really need any new Smart Contracts. Almost all common use cases can be handled with already existing Smart Contracts.


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Thanks all guys for help me all the time,  i have installed bitsahres exchange on my own Linux machine,   today i come up with few questions and i hope some one will ans that  :

1. Pls see this link , its bithsares wallet or exchange ) ? i fork it from github
2. How to develop a new coin for bitshare ? i wan to add a coin (meta1 ) there and want to set it by default on exchange.
3. Where is bithsares blockchain code located ? because i need to deploy few smart contracts on blockchain, where is the path of bitshares  core file ? is bitshare made with python or ++ ?

i will be very happy if someone give me ans.