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Blockchain Bridge Skycoin to XBTS & BitShares. Welcome!

Submit token for listing

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New opportunities for traders and holders!

50% of XBTS trading profit is distributed among Smartholdem STH holders
Payments on the deposit are made every two weeks in coins/tokens traded at the exchange.
The list of coins/tokens for payments. Payment Period Reports >View Latest Reports<

Due to its unique value propositions, Smartholdem stands out against other revenue-sharing exchange assets.
SmartHoldem Coin (STH) is the core XBTS DEX asset.
It is used in voting and Smartholder depositing at XBTS.
Outside of XBTS, it is the core coin of the Smartholdem decentralized gaming platform

Staking at XBTS is freezing coins (voluntary blocking of STH balance) for a selected period of time: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

Use your SmartHoldem Coin (STH) to profit from XBTS DEX.
Everyone who deposits their STH is entitled to get up to 50% of XBTS DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE trading profit. “Trading profit” refers to trade transactions: withdrawal, submitting orders, fees charged for purchase and sale of an asset from an exchange.

By staking you confirm the freezing of coins in the BitShares blockchain for a selected period. A Stake is a vesting transaction that cannot be unfrozen until the end of the period.

After the stake period ends, you can return your STH balance by pressing 'Claim Now' button.

During the stake period, you automatically take part in distribution of trading profit. Payments are made every two weeks. They are credited to your exchange account and become available for use immediately.

The amount of payments depends on the amount of fees, the number of trade transactions at XBTS and can reach up to 50% of the total volume for a certain period.

Also, the total number of frozen coins affects the size of payments, since the accrual rate is calculated based on two parameters: the total number of coins and the freezing period.
After the deposit period ends, interest is not accrued. The participant should unfreeze their assets by performing a withdrawal transaction.
The list of coins/tokens for payments

How the bonus calculation system works:
When choosing the stake period, XBTS adds a bonus of up to 100% to each stake.

The percentage of profit from XBTS trading fees is distributed depending on the weight of your Stake. For example, when choosing depositing for 6 months, the weight of your Stake increases by 50%, for 12 months — by 100%.

The bonus increase is used only for calculating the percentage of trading profit when distributing Smartholder payments!!!

The longer the period (duration) of the Stake, the greater the payout rate.
More information about how payments are made and how bonuses are calculated is available on the Smartholder web-site.

This information is for informational purposes only and should not be understood as investment advice.
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We're excited to introduce XBTS Exchange new look!

XBTS decentralized exchange has undergone a major redesign and UI update, making it more user-friendly and professional-looking than ever before!

Most recent set of updates brings the XBTS DEX into line with the user experiences of the most popular crypto exchanges, and in fact offers even more interested functionality.
We expect to see many, many more traders take the step to using a BitShares decentralised platform.

XBTS web version has now been launched

Come, test and join!

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XBTS built the code to achieve a real token transmission and not simple cloning of tokens.

Interesting. Can we see the code? Do you have a whitepaper or similar high-level technical (!) explanation?
Bitcoin - Perspektive oder Risiko? ISBN 978-3-8442-6568-2

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XBTS protocol can transfer tokens from Ethereum to BitShares

XBTS team created a blockchain protocol that allows a communication between Ethereum and BitShares.

New XBTS protocol serves as a bridge between the two blockchains, making it possible to trade Ethereum ERC20 tokens on BitShares.

XBTS built the code to achieve a real token transmission and not simple cloning of tokens. This avoids an artificial number of tokens on two chains and guarantees a swap between blockchains with the lowest fees.

Now you can send ERC20 tokens to BitShares and back at any time. XBTS Exchange expands the geography for Ethereum tokens. You can create any pair in any direction.

You can add your ERC20 token to XBTS DEX by filling out the standart listing form at

XBTS Exchange is confident that the development of this technology can contribute to the growth of both blockchains by serving as an essential tool to guarantee their interoperability.

An example of compatibility of the two popular platforms is BBI Token a token created on Ethereum platform, Beluga Pay - One of Latin America`s 15 most promising startups according to TechCrunch. BBI ERC20 Token was the first one to use powerful instruments of BitShares blockchain available for everyone at XBTS exchange.

Just enjoy the trade!
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Decentralized exchange XBTS together with the SmartHoldem platform
have developed a Blockchain-based fair voting technology.

Blockchain voting! 3 winners in each round!
Your choice will be recorded into the blockchain!
Join our group: Registration is open!
Adding cryptocurrency to a decentralized exchange is very easy!
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Blockchain Bridge between Waves Dex and BitShares on XBTS DEX Exchange!

The new decentralized technology of XBTS blockchain exchange opens the doors for Waves tokens which want to expand the geography in BitShares network.
XBTS crypto currency exchange is a fast blockchain bridge between popular decentralized platforms Waves Dex and BitShares.

XBTS technologies expand the abilities and potential of tokens issued on Waves and make
BitShares platform more available for all users.

Now, Waves tokens can be easily sent to BitShares platform and back 1:1 through gateway at any time.

XBTS operates on BitShares blockchain and provides the access to convenient and fast instruments for storage, trade, management and issue of digital assets.

XBTS Dex is a convenient and secure blockchain service which unites Waves Dex and BitShares.

An example of compatibility of the two popular platforms is CoffeeCoin, a token created on Waves platform. CoffeeCoin was the first one to use powerful instruments of BitShares blockchain available for everyone at XBTS exchange.

Welcome to BitShares!

Create an account at XBTS exchange:
Adding a coin/token to XBTS exchange:
Get to know the Bitshares ecosystem:
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Updated website XBTS

Offline TechnoL0g

Best open an issue in github to discuss that, thanks!

Thank you, we will complete the finalization today and send

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Added first public API XBTS DEX

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Best open an issue in github to discuss that, thanks!

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in the  new version XBTS Wallet we fixed a common problem with decimals
bitshares-ui use lib fraction.js 2 year latest update.

I tried to fix this small but not pleasant problem
Please review

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Hello there,

I looked into your website and tried contacting you, is the Telegram handle correct?

@TechnoL0g (telegram name via zero between L & g)

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Hello there,

I looked into your website and tried contacting you, is the Telegram handle correct?

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SINCE 2014
DEX Network
DPoS is a consensus protocol
designed for highly scalable blockchains.

XBTS Cross-Chain DEX & DeFi

XBTS is a Multi-chain decentralized exchange and DeFi operating at BitShares blockchain since 2018.
XBTS is a leading-edge Dex for trade, DeFi, staking, exchange, holding cryptocurrencies, Cross-Chain transactions, and an entry point to volumes of decentralized markets.


XBTS Rebranding. New Logo We realized that we needed a new logo that would meet the challenges of the cryptocurrency industry and visually represent the platform's Blockchain/Cross-chain/DeFi/GameFi technologies.

DEX & DeFi Platform
The only exchange on the blockchain with named accounts!

Safely! Instantly! Simply!
Quick registration of an account in the blockchain. Your account at XBTS is your address in BitShares Blockchain. Save the passphrase issued by the blockchain during registration in a safe place!

The XBTS APPs do not store your data! Only you have access to your account. No one other than you holds your keys. All transactions are recorded in the blockchain, the entire history of your account is available in Block Explorer.

- Cross-Chain bridges at Binance BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2), Binance Smart Chain BSC (BEP20), Huobi HECO Chain, Waves, Ethereum.
- Deposit/Withdrawal to 42+ native blockchains
- Creation of any trading pair for any crypto, for example, BTC:HIVE, HIVE:STH, STH:ETH, BTS:RVN and etc.
- Over 15000 trading directions
- Free trading bots
- All transactions take place in a blockchain
- Fully customizable advanced trading interface.

Instantly buy and sell cryptocurrency with blockchain guarantees. Each trading operation is recorded in the blockchain. Transaction confirmation time of just 3 seconds. Low fees. Providing services in 99% of countries all over the globe. No single point of failure.

Access at 99% of countries all over the world. No failure points. Trade anywhere you want.

XBTS Multi-Chain DESKTOP CLIENT allows you to have quick access to your blockchain account, monitor the prices, conveniently and securely store assets, cross-chain assets transfers, and exchange your assets to BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, USDC, DOGE, STH, HIVE, HBD, RVN, BNB, BUSD, PPC, EOS, TRX, TUSD, UNI, XRP, BAT, BCH, FIL, DASH, EMC, GRS, MDL, NMC, NVC, ONION, PIVX, POST, SKY, SCH, BCCX, HT, BUSD, WAVES, NESS, TRD, 42-coin, BSV, Reddcoin, TUSC, NCH, Hivecoin.

Enjoy free trading bots. Make your trading automatic. XBTS is the most advanced Dex!

CryptoHolders trying to maximize gains, or a frequent trader who wants to take a break from trading, can use the XBTS Dex tools and gain up to 50 % of the trade profit by the SmartHOLDER program and increase the balance of Bitcoins and Altcoins regardless of how the market moves.

Get up to 80 % of trading fees in popular cryptocurrencies, every time your friends make a trade on XBTS. Invite friends and earn Crypto together.

Use the entire power of open source DEX API libraries in creating personal trading bots and business DAPPs.

XBTS DESKTOP CLIENT is a Progressive Cross-Platform Web/Online/Desktop APP.

SmartHOLDER Staking Program
Get BTC, ETH, USDT, HIVE, and other Cryptocurrencies twice a month. Crypto holders who want to maximize their profit can use XBTS Dex Staking tools and receive up to 50% of all the trade fees of the exchange provided by SmartHolder program. Automated Payments on the 1st & 15th of the month.

SmartHoldem [STH] is a core asset of the XBTS DEX
You can Buy/Trade STH coins for any popular cryptocurrency. 42+ Trading pairs.
STH takes part in the SmartHOLDER Staking Program and in the Blockchain Voting for XBTS Dex listing.
STH is a native coin for decentralized gaming platform SmartHoldem STH use in DAPPs, DexGames and much more.
Read more

DeFi Platform
Trade as an Informed Market Maker with AMMob's New Liquidity Protocol
Your access to the next financial revolution! Prices in pools are updated in real-time
Earn, Swap, Accumulate, Hold and Participate as a liquidity provider! High APY and APR! Wide selection of pools.



XBTS Cross-Chain Dex & DeFi
Safely! Instantly! Simply!

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