Author Topic: do you support to reduce MSSR to 105% or 102% for bitCNY?  (Read 2751 times)

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Once the proposal is passed, it should be carried out

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I see no reason to set it arbitrarily in advance. This is the role of Witness, they should determine such things and, among other things, on this basis should be voted on. Unless it is impossible to get the median out of these parameters. In my opinion, these parameters should be determined dynamically even several times a day. It would introduce an interesting element of the game. @zhouxiaobao please add option "witness decide"
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I think that reduce MSSR one may if CR<1.1 for prolongation live MPA, but not early. Else this changing significant conditions on the fly in favor of borrowers.

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I am sorry that I made a mistake.

I created 2 worker proposals - 1.14.144 and 1.14.145 for the poll of BSIP41- reduce MSSR from 1.1 to 1.05, but I wrongly put this thread at the link.

the actual BSIP41 link:

the BSIP41 discussion thread:
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Forum polls can be manipulated, take this to the committee or create a worker poll 👌

That said, I can't see how/why reducing MSSR is an attractive idea, it's just further pandering to bad debt positions, no?

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do you support to reduce MSSR to 105% or 102% for bitCNY?