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Yes, bid_collateral is how a globally settled bitasset can be revived.
When there are sufficient bids available to cover the outstanding debt, and if the collateral of those bids is sufficient in terms of price feed and MCR, the asset will be revived during the next maintenance interval.
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CUBED.CNY and CUBED.USD ( were global settled yesterday. That happened because of assets' volatility and yesterday's bts falling. Because of that event it's impossible to borrow the assets at the moment. All margin positions were closed.

Is it possible to revive the assets?

Here ( iHashFury writes:
I was able to:
reset SETTLE on the test-net
blackswan SETTLE again
then reset SETTLE using "bid_collateral" cli command
I look forward to seeing this code forked into bitshares-core

The bid_collateral command is available on cli_wallet. Does it add needed collaterial to an asset's pool?
Does it work the same as proposed bid_collateral_operation How many collaterial BTS should be added?
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