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SEER Weekly Report
A. Project development schedule
1.Part of the chain:
A. Repair the room query, the interface of the Advanced type room data is not complete.
B. Fix the problem of removing the room from the platform without completely removing it.
C. Adjust the draw notification to the corresponding oracle.

(SEER test version wallet interface)

2. GUI wallet:
A. Fix the problem that the current supply of the asset cannot be displayed
B. Match the logo of the installation package to make it more beautiful
C. Adjust some text display to make it more accurate and clear
D. On the room participation page, increase the odds reminder for each option.
E. The room interface increases the display of the current total participation amount (the PVD type will display L at the same time)

(predicted room page)

3. Follow-up:
Fill in the room details page content: history, current bet details.

B. Operation schedule
1.On April 16th, the SEER beta version of the graphical interface wallet was officially launched for beta testing. At the same time, we launched activities to participate in public beta to find bugs and write experiences to win millions of SEERs. I hope everyone will actively participate.

2.SEER participated in the platform to vote for token. At the end of the voting, SEER won the first place and will launch CoinEx within two weeks.
Thank you to all the friends who voted for SEER. All voting users will be divided into 9 million SEER.

3.On April 12th, GDEX officially launched GDEX.SEER, users can conduct transactions in GDEX official website, magic wallet, bitshare official wallet and other channels, and the replenishment will be opened later.
The assets accepted by GDEX are prefixed with “GDEX”. Please carefully identify the transaction. For users who hold the internal "SEER" assets, please go to the BTS internal disk GDEX.SEER: SEER trading market for 1:1 exchange as soon as possible. Currently supporting exchange platforms including, magic wallet,
The fee-free exchange time is from April 12 to April 26, 2018. If the time is exceeded, the corresponding handling fee will be charged.

4.SEER participated in the voting on the platform and currently votes for 28,914, ranking seventh. The top six were successful listed.

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