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[Witness proposal] winex.witness
« on: September 18, 2018, 06:39:14 am »
Hi, everyone!

Our products have made new progress, mobile wallet has been in operation and promotion.
Token ++ ( another multi-chain wallet developed by our team . We put multi-chain wallet and Bitshares trading systems together , this application integrates a comprehensive multi-chain wallet and Bitshares exchange and polymerization application platform. We do not want to design and develop a purely individual Bitshares mobile wallet, but in combination with Token ++, combined advantages of each part, strong to open up an incremental market for Bitshares.

Let me introduce our Token++ product. It is a wallet that manage multiple currencies by using a set of mnemonics.,and the data won't go through the server, security and decentralization. At present, the wallet has docked eight main chains such as BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, ETF, QTUM, DOGE, NULS. We have been promoting the trading function of BitShares based on the promotion of wallets. Currently the wallet supports Chinese and English switching.

Wallet assets can quickly enter the BitShares exchange,and can also quickly withdraw coins to the wallet address, this kind of operation can be convenient for users.
We hope to promote the efficient and stable trading function of BitShares to more blockchain users, let more people understand and use BitShares trading function.

Please vote for  Winex.witness node, thank you all! :)
Our witness proposal :

Our website :
API Node :  wss://
Witness account : winex.witness



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