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The 19th SEER weekly report
A. Project development schedule

1, For the functions required by dapp to urgently develop interfaces for node updates.

2, The crowdfunding function of the event: combined with business logic and technical characteristics to discuss the implementation plan.

B. Operation schedule
1. SEER China Investment Representative - Mr. Wu Gang gave a live broadcast on the seer official telegraph group.
On September 6, the sixth issue of "Gang Ge Talk" "How to conduct market analysis", Mr. Wu Gang shared his years of investment experience in the stock market and the currency circle. and he answered some questions raised by the community. In the interaction after the event, 5 lucky fans got the gift of SEER around the same day. "Gang Ge Talk" starts at 8:00 pm every Thursday at the SEER telegram Chinese community. Welcome to

Content is as follows:

The list of winners is as follows:
hongbing cao

2. SEER forecast
On September 3rd and 4th, SEER enthusiasts opened a forecast room on the “Liu Qiangdong case” and “Year of September 4th Anniversary, predicting BTC price”. On September 6th, the SEER Chinese operation team released the Chinese version of the forecast market opening guide from the SEER document station through WeChat and other channels to facilitate more fans to predict the room participation prediction through the mainnet wallet or test network.

Click on the link for more details.:

The SEER blockchain was updated to V0.0.5 on September 7, 2018. The 21 main witness nodes, gateways, and API nodes were all updated before the specified time. Nothing was lost due to the lack of nodes. The main witnesses of 14 to 21 are more competitive, and the 21st witness has mortgaged more than 12 million SEERs.

This update is to meet the needs of DAPP development, adding some necessary new functional interfaces.

The SEER documentation site: provides the latest development information for SEER. The document station is maintained by github. It has natural multi-user and version control management features. It is hoped that community developers can participate in the improvement of documentation. At present, there are more than ten DAPP project teams/community developers joining the SEER developer community.
You are also welcome to start a project discussion, participate in discussions or seek technology help in our SEER developer community:

3. SEER community activities
On September 3, the operation team of SEER Chinese District announced the results of the selection of the articles “Those matters about me and the circle”. We selected five articles from the community authors Zhou Qiang, Siwei, Langta, Muhu and student Zhou. And the author can get a small gift from SEER..

Click on the link for more details.:

4. SEER Operations Development Team
At present, SEER has established overseas expansion operations teams of more than 10 people in Beijing and Osaka, and established overseas communities such as English and Japanese. The number of telegraph groups is nearly 20,000.

From September 2nd to September 9th, (1) SEER English District Overseas Development Team continued to produce SEER promotional materials, design work and overseas media channels, and published an introduction and summary of seer on the platform of Steemit.

More details:

(2) Recruitment activities of overseas community volunteers continued, and two of the seven bounty campaigns, namely the translation campaign and Telegram Campai gn, were launched. The two events generated strong repercussions at and SEER English Telegram. More than 20 overseas enthusiasts have signed up to become volunteers, and activities such as the SEER Forum Campaign will be launched.

Click on the link for more details:

If you are interested in participating in this program abroad, please send your resume to:

(3) From September 2nd to September 9th, the SEER English team translated and published the SEER 18th Weekly Report and the 5th issue of "Gang Ge Talk" in the developer forum and the telegram English community, and Synchronized to the official website, twitter, facebook, steemit, bitsharestalk, medium and other websites, and began to assist the Powerfans team and the SEER developer community to translate some technical documents;

(4) The SEER Japanese District Development and Operation Team translated the general content of the sixth issue of Gang Ge Talk, and communicated with SEER's Japanese community enthusiasts.

5.SEER operation and development team dynamics
The SEER Chinese operation and development team continued to carry out daily Q&A maintenance and technology promotion on the media/forum platform such as BiHu, Biask, 8Bit, and Zhidian, and answered questions in the telegram Chinese group. Some community enthusiasts have spontaneously produced a lot of promotional videos promoting the theme of SEER "Gang Ge Talk".


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