Author Topic: Meet BitShareScan – a New BitShares Blockchain Explorer  (Read 417 times)

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Meet BitShareScan – a New BitShares Blockchain Explorer
« on: October 18, 2018, 05:06:18 pm »
Please meet BitShareScan – a BitShares blockchain explorer.

BitShareScan provides you with information about transactions, users, and assets of the BitShares blockchain. The dynamic search options let you conveniently get the data about transactions, accounts, and tokens, monitor the latest activities, and blockchain changes.

Who is this for
This tool is beneficial for traders who use decentralized exchanges built on the BitShares Blockchain, such as OpenLedger DEX.

What is more, other involved members of the BitShares community, such as developers or market analysts are welcome to use BitShareScan for their activities.

BitShareScan features
BitShareScan was designed for handy BitShares data search and lets you find the necessary information just in a few clicks. The following features are available for current users:

* Information about BitShares transactions, users, and assets
* Full history of transactions available for any account
* Last month’s buy/sell history available for any account
* Informative data tables with sorting, auto refreshing, an option to show or hide columns, quick column search, and column filtering
* Convenient mobile version of the explorer website
* Quick search by transactions, assets, and accounts
* Data export

This is just a start
Right now BitShareScan is in version 0.1. The OpenLedger team plans to release the following versions of the tool soon! What is more, we’ve already built a backlog of features soon to be implemented. In the nearest future, we’ll bring the new things to BitShareScan:

* Information and search by blocks
* Detailed information on the blockchain’s Witnesses, Committee, Workers, Proxy, Voting Report, etc
* Russian and Chinese languages support

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