Author Topic: Discussion on the shorting method under the new feeding rules  (Read 974 times)

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Discussion on the shorting method under the new feeding rules
« on: September 09, 2018, 02:44:36 am »
First of all, in the bear market, the BTS community also ushered in a reform discussion, which is very beneficial to the long-term development of BTS. At present, it mainly focuses on the discussion of feed price and MCR. Most of the discussion is about completing the anchoring of bitCNY. But few people think about whether the empty side will complete Malicious short under the new feed price rules. This is not normal, but also irresponsible reform! In view of this, we will create this new topic to let you discuss the possible shorting path of the empty side under the new feeding rules. The personal assumptions are as follows:

First, it has been suggested that not only must bitCNY be described accurately, but even bitCNY should be devalued. What I want to say is that if you pass the bitcNY depreciation scheme through the voting rights of BTS, the bitCNY holder is in the bear market (it has been very recent If a small number of people recharge, it is very likely that they will withdraw from the market, and even use the withdrawal method to raise the recharge rate into a negative value. Under the revised feed price rule, the feed price should be lowered. If the BTC falls, It is likely that the BTS will be cleared for global clearing.

Second, Now, only the bitCNY of the assets pledged by the BTS Council has a deep acceptance, while other assets are not deep, especially bitUSD. In other words, the bitUSD feed price cannot be applied to the new feed price rule. The bitCNY exchange rate against bitUSD in these days is seriously different from the actual exchange rate of the French currency. This is a good example of this problem. If it develops for a long time, it will cause two problems: 1. In the early stage of the implementation of the feed price, some people will be mortgaged. bitUSD, because in the bull market, the bitUSD and BTS trading areas are faster than the bitCNY area (because bitCNY under the new feeding rules, when the recharge rate is negative, the feed rate will be suppressed), the stop loss point is crossed. 2. The original intention of BTS is more like a banking system than a currency like BTC. I personally think that BTS is a natural system suitable for international remittance and exchange. This is the application of BTS for the assets of bitcny and bitUSD. However, under the new feeding rules, if the exchange rate between bitCNY and bitUSD is long-term, The exchange rate between the legal currency, the natural function of BTS will be abolished. When we talk about the shortage of bitCNY supply, do we really want to understand it? It is really because the supply is not enough, or because the internal disk itself can not be used. So, let the mortgage out of bitCNY only be able to make a profitable situation by buying BTS again? Just like the story of making a military parachute, letting the manufacturer try it will greatly improve the quality and reliability. Only let bitCNY be used in the inner disk, and let the use of bitCNY be beneficial, so that other exchanges can bitCNY. And bitUSD is confident. On this basis, the feed price correction has a real basis.

Third, under the new feeding rules, it is like giving the short seller a handle. Imagine that under the convergence of interests, when the BTS crosses the exit stop point of most people, bitCNY will definitely increase. At the time, there are still people in the bitCNY, and the acceptor will also exchange a large amount of 1 yuan for the price of more than 1 bitCNY to receive bitCNY, which is greater than the value of the stop loss multiple. When a certain point is reached, when the BTC falls, the acceptor will not recharge the situation if the majority of the people's storms will not be lost. The acceptor will even make a negative value lower than the cost of receiving the goods. Acceptance, which will accelerate the decline of the feed price, the emergence of the black swan will be a high probability event.

Fourth, the above hope that everyone will discuss corrections, so people think that the development of the acceptance and exchange function of the internal disk is given priority, so that all the bit assets have a certain acceptance depth, and then modify the feed price rules.

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Re: Discussion on the shorting method under the new feeding rules
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2018, 03:37:04 am »
Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts in English so  I can try to follow along.   :)

I have no idea what is going on with BSIP 42 and changing prices in the feeds.

So I would like to see more open discussion.