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Thank you for opening this very interesting question. The BitShares Blockchain would be able to handle that case, but there is no authority in place to decide that IMO.

Let me explain a bit:

Even if the supposed receiver and the sender both confirm what their intention was, there is no proof that the actual receiver is not a 3rd party that is merely inactive and that both of you try to screw over.

This is now of course exaggerated and I am not trying to insinuate anything, but you see my point hopefully. I could see a stronger claim with, let's say couple months wait time.

Like CustomMiner and abit said it is technically possible but has never been done. Your proof does not provide a 100% guarantee, and who takes the liability if anything were to happen? Are you willing to fully identify yourself and reimburse the actual receiver if he ever were to surface? You still have the question who you would identify yourself to, and how a reimbursement like that would be decided. I don't think it's the committee that should do that.

An entity with such an authority could be, or even must be created via a votes worker proposal IMO.
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it was me who sent 634.71 bitUSD to seyseich66 account. I can prove that I control buritto-forrest account if needed.

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Technically, the bitUSD asset type is owned by committee-account, and the permission "asset owner can transfer asset back to himself" is not disabled, so it's possible for the committee to transfer some amount of bitUSD from one account to another account, e.g. transfer back the bitUSD from the old account to your new account.

However, we've never done so in the past because it's controversial and can lead to scamming. Also it may put the committee or certain committee members to unexpected liabilities.

In this case, if the lost bitUSD is really important for you, I'd recommend that you start a some sort of charity fundraiser asks for donation.
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You can sent a memo to seyseich66 by the send button and ask him, if he can return 90% to you.
It's his own account that he no longer controls, the funds are effectively permanently destroyed.

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You can sent a memo to seyseich66 by the send button and ask him, if he can return 90% to you.
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This is bad news and I'm very sorry to hear it - as Armin notes I don't think there is anything that can be done as the network is decentralised and nobody else has access to your account.

Have you definitely not got any access to it? I guess you will have tried all the combinations of different passwords etc you have but remember there could also be an issue of whether is a local wallet or not. Suggest posting the Q on this group in telegram as if it can be solved a way is normally found on there:

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In a decentralized exchange you can't get your money back if you lose your private key

Offline seyseich66

I welcome you, dear witnesses and members of the Committee!

I appeal to you on the recommendation of one of your colleagues under the nickname "Xeroc". I need your urgent help in this situation.

17-th october.2018 I agreed with" Bugaga " (this is his username in the telegram) to buy 634.71 bitUSD from him for rubles and mistakenly gave him the wrong address of my account. Instead of "zubcoin66" which I control, I wrote him "seyseich66". And when I realized I'd made a mistake, it was too late. He has already sent 634.71 bitUSD from his "buritto-forrest" bitshares account.

Despite the fact that the account "seyseich66" is  also registered by me about a year ago, I do not have a saved password to access it. How can I prove to you that it is my account? Indirect proof is that the login "seyseich66" is unique on the Internet.

Please look my profiles (they all are older than a year) at social networks:


My email address is also

And I can easily prove that I control all these accounts with a private reply message. But I have no control over seyseich66's account in bitshares network because it was just a first try of the registration (test) and I didn't save the password. And you all may wonder: "Why then did you give the sender this address?". And I say, "Because I'm positioned as "seyseich66" everywhere except bitshares network, so it was a mistake simply due to my inattention, forgetfulness and hurry.

It will not be difficult to verify that this account is "dead", that is, for him throughout the time since his registration there are no transactions, except for one incoming 634.71 bitUSD.

And I kindly want to ask you, who have such a power, to do one of two possible actions:
1) Sending back 634.71 bitUSD to the sender;
2) in any way give me access to the seyseich66 account.

I decided to appeal to you, because for me 634.71 bitUSD is a significant summ of money, and I can not afford to lose it. After all, in any case it is my mistake, and I have to pay the sender the equivalent of this amount in rubles. While he is waiting for the resolution of the situation with your help and he is ready to confirm that he really transferred me the above amount from his account "buritto-forrest" in this forum topic.

Thank you in advance and waiting for an answer.