Author Topic: i want to add api to cli_wallet, but something failed, can you help me the code?  (Read 740 times)

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in fact, i'm not familiar with C++, but i want to try something.

i try to add a method (example: create_match) to the cli_wallet, so the cli can call it.
the code like below:

      signed_transaction create_match(string issuer,
                                      string title,
                                      bool broadcast = false);

FC_API( graphene::wallet::wallet_api,

   signed_transaction create_match(string issuer,
                                   string title,
                                   bool broadcast = false)
   { try {
      account_object issuer_account = get_account( issuer );

      custom_operation create_op;
      create_op.issuer =;
      create_op.title = title;

      signed_transaction tx;
      tx.operations.push_back( create_op );
      set_operation_fees( tx, _remote_db->get_global_properties().parameters.current_fees);

      return sign_transaction( tx, broadcast );
   } FC_CAPTURE_AND_RETHROW( (issuer)(title)(broadcast) ) }

signed_transaction wallet_api::create_match(string issuer,
                                            string title,
                                            bool broadcast)

   return my->create_match(issuer, title, broadcast);


just like this(i refer to the create_asset method)

then build & run the cli_wallet
but when i run the command in the wallet: create_match user1 "test" true
it display the error:
itr != _by_name.end(): no method with name 'create_match'

how i can fix it?
thanks very much! ;D ;D