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Some people have the advantage of Bitshares with different layers of onions, that is, BitShares is a lot of things for others, and there are thousands of ways to understand what BitShares is founded by Mr. Larimer Daniel, a computer programmer with What is Bitshares's vision? The answer to this question will give you all the advice you need about Bitshares.

In terms of software, Bitshares is unified. BitShares is a distributed multi-user database that has update permissions that are managed by a set of rules and public key encryption. And it is also interesting to know that this Bitshares software is in the public domain.

Bitshares software is used to open a decentralized independent (DAC) company that is distributed by Daniel Larimer. These automated companies issue shares, generate revenue and distribute to shareholders. No need to trust anyone in this event. Everything is programmed in the software.

In terms of being a single Bitshares network Computer networks belonging to individuals around the world use BitShares software and keep the database synchronized according to the rules set by network software. BitShares can survive as long as there are at least two computers that can communicate with each other over the Internet.

All computers in the Bitshares network will store copies of all data in the database, meaning that no one can change public information. This immutable public record is the foundation of a higher class.

In addition, Bitshares is also a public ledger, which means that all records are publicly disclosed and cannot be changed by any central organization. This is an important factor to consider when analyzing digital currency responsibilities.

In terms of Bitshares company, BitShares creates a company that people want to hold and make profits. You can then trade various tokens on OpenLedgerDecentralized Exchange running on this platform

And in terms of currencies, yes, Bitshares is also a part. In the case of BitShares, there are many different assets that can be used for money, including BTS, BitUSD, BitGold and BitSilver. All of these assets have the ability to be fake, which can Divided and transported and impossible to copy

And it is worth noting that Bitshares has an amazing community Everyone who joins the BitShares community will add value to the ledger and benefit from fellow community members. Everything starts small with only a few people. In the past half year, BitShares has grown from a concept to a global community with thousands of people.

There is one of the most secure pockets in over 900 well-known digital currencies.
Has more than one feature and function
There is one of the best transaction speeds.
The network is very safe.
Low transaction fees
Can process the total number of transactions at the same time
In the original form, BitshareX has disadvantages in technology and economy. But has been corrected because it is an active and ongoing project
This software needs to be created for users with some advanced technologies.
Data backup is always necessary to secure your capital.
Where / How to buy
Currently, Bter, BTC38 and Poloniex are the main stock exchanges that you can buy. Content (BitUSD, BitGLD, etc.) is being launched within a few days or weeks. (Currently testing bugs) Exchange Poloniex allows users to easily register new accounts from within Exchange, while other accounts require an account to register for withdrawals.

Trading with Bitshares
Bitshares is one of the most unique and innovative Bitcoin 2.0 projects that want to use blockchain technology rather than creating a digital currency as 'Decentralized Autonomous Corporation', which the owner (whoever owns Bitshares, who owns the system) cryptocurrency) will select a committee of 101 representatives who act as the board of the company

Their heart is the exchange of decentralization. Bitshares, which can be used for trading various assets, including assets that track the value of the currency. 'Real world' commodities such as Gold or digital currency, such as Bitcoin, without the need to trust your wealth Central bank or exchange As with any financial market, there are many opportunities that Bitshares will distribute exchanges so that traders make profits or losses depending on their performance.

Bitshares has its own Exchange and the main feature of Bitshares exchange is what is called 'BitAssets'. This is a digital market that is attached to the market, adhering to specific assets outside of Bitshares. 1 BitUSD is designed to be cost effective. Always 1 USD, 1 BitEuro is designed to be worth 1 Euro and more

This applies to commodities such as gold or oil, as well as using currencies such as USD or Euro or new digital currencies such as Bitcoin. You can see a list of all available content from your Bitshares wallet.

Bitshares storage
The best wallet for storing Bitshares is a paper bag called a refrigerator. Since it is an offline storage, it allows you to write your details and keep them for yourself. You are in control of your money.

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This looks like a bad ai writing an article.

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This looks like a bad ai writing an article.

Not AI. I just found it and posted it to read. Want to know if it will really be done?
Just I didn't put a link.

Online sschiessl

This looks like a bad ai writing an article.

Not AI. I just found it and posted it to read. Want to know if it will really be done?
Just I didn't put a link.

I'll bite. If what will really be done?