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Worker Cost: Refer to on chain proposal

Purpose: Additional easy fiat gateway for new users to purchase small sums with a good trust pilot score.

I have agreed listing with for BTS.

They are a fiat to crypto gateway in the UK and come in the top 3-5 Google results for 'buy crypto uk'. They have good trust pilot score and are on CMC (small volumes). Their Alexa rank shows all traffic is in the UK as you'd expect for a UK service but that means the ranking isn't that high (turns we're a small country...)

Listing will be live within 2 weeks from payment and announced on their channels / mailing list etc.

Their spread is a bit high on BTC price but the fact they don't need KYC for small purchases, they have a good trust pilot score and they feature in the top results on Google means they should be a good in for newbies.

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