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Sounds good, greater competition for the committee positions 👍

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Great to see you around Petr! Thank you for being involved. +5%
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Awesome to have you on board representing the russian community, and also one of the businesses on the blockchain!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Petr, and many of you probably know me as part of the RuDEX team, and met me at Beyond Bitcoin / Bitshares hangouts, Graphene Dev Conference 2018 in Shanghai, and/or Bitfest Amsterdam 2018.

As you can guess from how long it took me to decide to step up for committee candidacy, I was hoping to avoid it so we can concentrate on running RuDEX and try to avoid politics.

But recent discussion in Bitshares chat regarding the way to handle the increase of the fees and requests to have business representatives apply for committee membership so that committee has more of a business perspective among its representatives.

I understand the amount of work required to be part of committee, and am prepared to put time to it. I hope that representatives from other gateways also step up, and at least a couple of us are chosen.

In case that I am not elected, I would still like to participate as a liaison between committee and RuDEX team.

Please vote for xanoxt-committee, if you'd like to support my candidacy.

Thank you everyone for your support!
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