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   你们好。我们是ZBBTSBP团队,来自中国社区,一个有着多年历史的顶级交易所团队与区块链团队 。     

witness account :zbbtsbp 
witness id: 1.6.150

见证人主服务器 :
—RAM:32 GB 
—磁盘空间:800 GB   



To BitShares community:   We are the ZBBTSBP team from the Chinese community, a top tier exchange and blockchain team with many years of history.    In the stage of rapid development of the blockchain industry, in order to get involved more deeply into every link in the market and make contribution to the blockchain industry, ZB will participate more in the ecological contribution of public chains. As we all know, BTS plays a very important role in the public chain ecology, and it is one of the first choices of ZB coopration. In order to make value for BTS and enhance the stability and prosperity of the BTS ecosystem, ZB will keep working hard for the development of BTS and decide to campaign for witness. We are ready to do that and want to get the recognition and support from BTS community.

Our witness server node has been deployed
witness account :zbbtsbp 
witness id: 1.6.150

Witness master server
-CPU:4 cores
-RAM:32 GB
-Device Storage:800 GB

If we are lucky enough to be elected, we will: Do our best to ensure network security, including maintaining and updating witness nodes, responding to forks and other issues instantly, and publishing and maintaining feed scripts, etc. Continuously improve settings such as optimized configuration for latency, advanced wildcard certificates and advanced API access. Actively participate in community activities (core, UI, tools, documentation),code contributions, code review and test, etc. Leverage our proven operation experience to popularize Bitshares Help engage users from our millions of exchange platform users, who will all be potential users of Bitshares Grow the Bitshares community and enhance the ecological influence of Bitshares

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