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Does it make sense to be Co-Host of a defi conference for companies when bitshares currently would not pass AML/KYC regulation ?
The DeFi Summit is aiming to provide the opportunities for people to understand what is DeFi, what are the use cases within the DeFi world, what the technology and tools are available to use, etc. It will be giving the most exposure on the available tools, what could develop, and how to develop on BitShares as co-host. In New York where is one of the center of Finance and Fintech, it will have a great impact.

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Does it make sense to be Co-Host of a defi conference for companies when bitshares currently would not pass AML/KYC regulation ?

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For a long time, it is difficult to break into the traditional financial services industry for the majority of new entrants. The large, well-established financial institutions had advantages in market share, capital and reputation. With the development of distributed technology, decentralized finance is going to remake the traditional financial industry. With technology and regulation development in 2019, decentralized finance is changing the traditional finance world and reshaping the future of the financial industry.
The 2019 DeFi Blockchain Summit NYC aims at connecting experts in DeFi industry, sharing insights and exploring new opportunities. It will be held on November 13th in Times Square, New York, in the forms of the keynote speech, fireside chat, private roundtable discussion, and institutional presentation. The summit will bring together more than 1,000 experts from hedge funds, digital asset management, investment banks, exchanges and other industries to discuss how to invest in this new asset class, the recent trend in DeFi, Crypto Assets and financial application of the technologies. On November 12th, the largest digital asset investor outlook Conference and Exhibition Consensus Invest will be held by the top blockchain media CoinDesk in Manhattan, it will attract thousands of industry experts around the world.

The main host of this summit, Spark Blockchain, is a leading blockchain consulting and incubation service provider in North America. Headquartered in Boston, it radiates its influence through NY, LA, SF and the Bay Area, China, ASEAN, etc. In 2018, it successfully hosted 10+ summits (including 2018 BWB Summit in Blockchain Week NYC, Crypto Hedge Fund Summit, Token Expo, Consensus After Party, etc.) and 100+ meetups in U.S. 12,000+ attendees, 600+ Speakers, 300+ projects, 200+ Investors, 150+ media have joined this blockchain networking platform.

About Consensus Invest
Consensus Invest is one of the world's most impacted forum focused on delivering discussions on the trends and investment opportunities for digital and crypto assets, the fastest growing alternative investments in history. Invest brings together global investors across asset management, commercial banks, hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds, insurance companies and service providers, all with unique perspectives and experiences to underline the current sophistication of digital securities and commodities.

In 2018, it attracted over 1500 C-Levels, VPs, directors and above from more than hundreds of companies. Top 10 countries in attendance are including the US, China, Canada, Korea, England, France, Israel, and Singapore.

In 2019, Invest: NYC will focus on the intersection of macroeconomics and crypto. Economists, fund managers, and investment experts will debate these themes and more, as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies find their way onto the global stage.

The 2019 DeFi & Blockchain Summit NYC is the largest conference focusing on the topic related to the future of decentralized finance during the Consensus Invest, which is the largest digital asset investor outlook Conference and Exhibition held on November 12th in Manhattan, New York. During the past Consensus Invest, it attracted more than thousands of industry experts from China, the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Why Attend
BitShares is an open-source business development and financial management platform, the first decentralized exchange and first decentralized stablecoin issuance platform. Its applications root deeply in the financial industry and itself is a representative program in the DeFi industry. Therefore, it is necessary for BitShares to participate in the DeFi Blockchain Summit to consolidate its pioneering position in the DeFi industry and promote the brand and expand the connection at the same time.

Enhance Position in DeFi Industry
As the first decentralized exchange, BitShares originated itself in the DeFi industry and has cultivated multiple DeFi programs. However, its development speed in recent years disappointed the community. BitShares enjoys advanced technology to provide a stable, fast, and low-fee transaction, which makes it a perfect platform for financial application. In order to continue leading the DeFi industry and gaining more recognization form the financial industry, BitShares need to be on the best stage and expose itself to a broader audience.

Promote the Brand
In the past few years, BitShares lack a platform to promote the brand and expand the network. Holding the DeFi Summit is an excellent opportunity to source new cooperation during the summit and improve brand influence.

Announce Development Plan
After the community development and BitShares 3.0 release in 2018-2019, the DeFi Summit could be an ideal platform to announce the latest developments of BitShares and the 2020 development plan to practitioners in blockchain and financial industry. It will be helpful in brand marketing and develop new collaboration.

Unrivaled Networking
The 2019 DeFi Blockchain Summit offers a great forum to network with experts in the blockchain and financial industry from all over the world. The Summit will house various DeFi related projects, service providers, and multiple media hits. The dedicated booth and exhibition floor is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration.
Financial Center & Targeted Exposure
The Summit will be held in the heart of New York -- Time Square. It will provide targeted exposure to the major financial institutions, media, and community. It helps explore more cooperation opportunities with the traditional financial industry.

Engaging Consensus Audience
The Summit will be held on November 13th, following the Consensus Invest on November 12th at New York City. Consensus Invest is the largest digital asset investor outlook Conference and Exhibition organized by the top blockchain media Coindesk. 2018 Consensus Invest attracted more than thousands of industry experts from 48 countries all over the world. Being one of the series activities during the Consensus Invest Conference, BitShares could be exposed to more blockchain experts and potential investors.

Time & Location
November 13th, 2019 (Wed)
  • 9:00 AM -- 6:00 PM (Summit)
  • 7:30 PM -- 11:30 PM (Cocktail Party & Social Night)
Midtown Manhattan Hotel

  • Issuance Platforms
  • Decentralized Exchange and Open Marketplaces
  • Lending Protocols
  • Stablecoins
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Prediction Markets

Financial Projection (Revenue Generation for BitShares)
Potential revenue generation for BitShares
  • Ticket Sales
  • Booth Selling
  • Sponsorship Revenue Sharing

Number of the Ticket issued      500
Number of the Ticket Sale(Potential)    300
Ticket Price                    $199

BitShares community enjoys a 50% discount on tickets (200 tickets)
*Income from tickets purchased with BitShares discount will be paid back to BitShares community.

Total tickets revenue (with discount tickets): $19,900

Sponsorship (20% of sponsorship generate from BitShares goes to BitShares):
Diamond Sponsorship          
Price            $80,000
Platinum Sponsorship                    
Price            $60,000
Gold Sponsorship                    
Price            $30,000         
BitShares Commission Rate      20%      

Total Sponsorship commission revenue: Any Sponsorship Achieve * 20%

BitShares community enjoys a 50% discount on Booth (4 Booths)
*Income from Booth purchased with BitShares discount will be paid back to BitShares community.

Booth Price            $10,000
Number of Discounted Booth      4

Total booth revenue (Discounted Booth at 50%): $20,000

Total sponsorship and event revenue (estimated):
 = $19,900+$20,000+Any Sponsorship*20%

Target Audience
Crypto Asset Manager
As one of the key components in the digital financial world, asset managers are very important as clients and customers. New York is the best place where the asset managers to seek for the new tools and opportunities. It is the best place for them to learn how to implement the tools from BitShares. 
Digital Asset Exchange
Exchanges as one of the most important roles in the ecosystem, it provided a market where the liquidity of the market is happening. With the participation of the exchanges, it will provide different angles of the important perspective to the audience.
Hedge fund
With the more comprehensive regulatory environment towards the crypto world, hedge funds eager for new opportunities. As the world financial center, New York is where most hedge funds located. The important perspective from them will accelerate the development of the DeFi use cases and adoption.
Investment Banker
With the evolution of the Internet in the early 21st century, traditional banks have expanded their interests into Cryptocurrency and blockchain space. They are seeking for significant growth in the market.
The magic will not happen without the developers. With the support from the developer currently in the market, it will elevate the of state of the art conversation. More important, New York as the new choice of HQ from Amazon, Facebook, and other giants, it’s potential of the development power would be valuable.
Individual Investor
The veteran from the leading financial institutions from Wall Street is one of the powerful groups in New York. As individual investors and investor groups, they are trill of the blockchain technology and looking for more opportunities with their experience and connection as support.   

Agenda (TBD)
9:00 A.M. -- 9:10 A.M.  Opening Remarks
9:10 A.M. -- 9:30 A.M.   Keynote Speech
9:30 A.M. -- 10:10 A.M.   Fireside Chat: Blockchain and Decentralized Finance
10:10 A.M. -- 10:30 A.M.   Keynote Speech
10:30 A.M. -- 11:30 A.M. Panel: Decentralized Exchanges and Open Marketplaces
11:30 A.M. -- 12:15 P.M. Panel: Stablecoins and Regulation
12:15 P.M. -- 1:15 P.M. Lunch
1:15 P.M. -- 2:00 P.M. Panel:  Hashed Timelock Contracts (HTLC)
2:00 P.M. -- 2:40 P.M. Panel: Lending Protocols
2:40 P.M. -- 3:10 P.M. Panel: Investing & Crypto Asset Management
3:10 P.M. -- 3:50 P.M. Panel: Challenges and Opportunities of DeFi
3:50 P.M. -- 5:00 P.M. Demo of BitShares Community Projects
5:00 P.M. -- 6:00 P.M. Closing Remarks & Networking

Past Spark Blockchain Events’ Speakers (Partial)
Paul Veradittakit | Partner, Pantera Capital
Maggie Wu | CEO & Co-Founder, Krypital Group
Yunpeng Ding | Director of International BD, GXChain
Alex Mashinsky, Co-Founder & CEO of Celsius Network
Vanessa Grellet, Executive Director, Consensys
Lauren Stephanian, Investment Associate at Pantera Capital
Shuoji Zhou, Founding Partner of FBG Capital
Chuck Kimble, Head of FI Partnerships at Circle; Head of Membership, CENTRE
Jack Lee, Managing Partner of HCM  Capital
Chris Li, CTO of Thunder Token
Yubo Ruan, Co-Founder of 8 Decimal Capital
Igor Denisov, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Polymath
Elie Galam, Chief Investment Officer of Eastmore
Sarah Olsen, Head of Business Development at Gemini
Li Huo, VP of Huobi
Jason Qiao, Former Executive Director at JPMorgan Asset Management
John Kingston, Executive Editor of FreightWaves, Head of Community Engagement for Blockchain in Transport Alliance
Katina Stefanova, CEO of Marto Capital
Greg DiPrisco, Business Development Lead, MakerDAO
Aries Wang, Co-Founder of Bibox
Theodore Gray, Advisor of Newton, Co-Founder of Wolfram Research
Bryant Nielson, Executive Director of Blockchain Academy
Qi Zhang, PhD Research Staff Member of Enterprise Solutions IBM Thomas J.Waston Research
David D'Amico, VP of Speaker Signature Bank
Mitchell Dong, Managing Director of Pythagoras Investment Management LLC
John Slyusarev, Managing Partner, SMC Capital
Chi Feng, Founder, Genesis Group
Jeremy Gardner, Ausum Ventures
Tristan Zhang, Partner, MD, Helix Capital
Lingxiao Yang, COO, Trade Terminal
Xian Huang | Paxos
Victoria Zavyalova | Reporter, rbth
Nisa Amolis | Forbes
Ronghui Gu | Cofounder, Certik
Samir Kothari | Partner, Stellar
Eran Efrima | Marketing and Community Manager,

Potential Speakers(List may be extended, not final)
* No particular order
Speakers from BitShares Community
Annemieke Dirkes, Legal representative, BitShares Blockchain
Jademont, ​Committee Member of BitShares, Co-founder of Waterdrip Capital
bitProfessor, Committee Member of BitShares
Bitcrab, Committee Member of BitShares, Founder of GDEX.IO
John Conlin, Managing Director at DaoStreet Inc.
Ryan R. Fox, Development Coordinator at BitShares
Aaron Mangal, Editor @ The Latest Crypto
abit, Committee Member and Core Developer of BitShares
Digital Lucifer, Manager @
DeFi Speakers
Chuck Kimble, Head of FI Partnerships at Circle; Head of Membership, CENTRE
Alex Mashinsky, Co-Founder & CEO of Celsius Network
Fabian Schuh, Fonder of Blockchain Projects BV
Greg DiPrisco, Business Development Lead, MakerDAO
Daniel Wang, Co-Founder & CEO, Loopring
Kunal Shah, Founder & CEO, Cred
Nadav Hollander, Founder & CEO, Dharma Labs
Robert Leshner, CEO, Compound
Calvin Liu, Strategy Lead, Compound
Trevor Koverko, CEO, Polymath Network
Joshua Stein, CEO, Harbor
Jun Hasegawa, Founder & CEO, OmiseGO
Loi Luu, Co-Founder & CEO, Kyber
Yu Lei, Founder & CEO, The Force Protocol
Mike Ross Kane, Co-Founder & CEO, Hydrogen
Bowen Wang, co-founder and CEO of DDEX
Jack Peterson, Co-Founder, Augur
Tyler Winklevoss, CEO, Gemini
Don Mosites, Co-Founder, Airswap
Varun Deshpande, Co-Founder, NUO
Andrew Peel, Head of Digital Asset Markets, Morgan Stanley
Adam White, COO, Bakkt
Lauren Stephanian, Investment Associate, Pantera Capital
Billy Newport, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
Shuoji Zhou, Founding Partner of FBG Capital
Dan Morehead, CEO & Co-Chief Investment Officer, Pantera Capital
Hector Rosekrans, Director of Policy and Operations, Messari
Marek Olszewski, Founder, Celo
Henri Arslanian, Fintech and crypto leader for Asia, PwC
Jason Qiao, Former Executive Director, JPMorgan Asset Management

Event Cost
1Event Venue Renta65,000
2Food & Beverage35,000
3Exhibition Setup20,000
4Wifi Service9,000
5AV & Projection Package35,000
8Hotel Rooms5,000
10Event Promotion23,000
13After Party35,000
14Venue Service fee & Tax74,900

BitShares Co-Host Benefits
Co-Host Benefit
Titled as Co-Host
Co-Host flyer handing out at the registration table
Verbal recognition during opening remarks
Keynote speech slot
Member of the private seminar session
BitShares named Tech Session for Developers
Four Reserved Dedicated Booths (50% Discount for BitShares Community, All the Sales goes back to BitShares Community)
200 tickets enjoy a 50% discount (all the sales goes back to BitShares Community)
Private meeting room   

Marketing and Promotion
Online (Conference Website)
Promotion BitShares Videos during the Summit
Full page ad on digital advertising materials
Printed Signage or Display
Pre-Summit Email campaign to conference attendees      
10+ Top Blockchain Major Media Exposure

After Party
Presence in during After Party
20 Complementary After Party Passes
30% off for additional Social Night passes

BitShares Co-Host Support Budget: $115,000

About Co-Host Spark Blockchain
Spark Blockchain is a leading blockchain consulting and incubation service provider in North America. Headquartered in Boston, it radiates its influence through NY, LA, SF and the Bay Area, China, ASEAN, etc. Since its establishment, it has quickly established a leading position in North America's blockchain community and has established great cooperative relations with top-tier projects and investment funds in China, and the United States. The current clients of Spark Blockchain include not only the top 100 blockchain projects, but also DApps, quantitative teams, media, and blockchain investment funds.

In the past, Spark Blockchain hosted 10+ summits (including 2018 BWB Summit in Blockchain Week NYC, Crypto Hedge Fund Summit, Token Expo, Consensus After Party, etc.) and 100+ meetups in U.S. 12,000+ attendees, 600+ Speakers, 300+ projects, 200+ Investors, 150+ media have joined this blockchain networking platform. We aim to present the valuable blockchain content and related venture projects to potential investors as a global Blockchain platform, in order to achieve the maximum unification of the technology, capital, and application of blockchain, and promote the development of the industry healthily and rapidly.

2018 US-China BlockInvest Summit at Harvard
Spark Blockchain co-hosted and organized The 2018 US-China BlockInvest Summit on March 2018 at the Harvard Charles Hotel in Cambridge, MA. The BlockInvest is a high-level conference aimed at unraveling the hype, addressing the core of blockchain potential, and highlighting the present-day & near-future business cases for blockchain applications. Connected over 500+ blockchain advocates, investors, industry leaders, and tech innovators.

2018 Blockchain Without Borders Summit at Consensus Week NYC
On May 12, 2018, Blockchain Without Borders Summit 2018 organized by Liaoyuan in collaboration with Spark Blockchain, was held at the New York Marriott Marquis in Manhattan. The event was one of the opening summits of Blockchain Week NYC 2018.
More than 650 blockchain experts, investors, and enthusiasts from around the world were present at the summit. The atmosphere at the venue was buzzing with excitement, kicking off a good start for Blockchain Week NYC and Consensus 2018.

2018 Crypto Hedge Fund Summit in Wall Street
On July 27th 2018 at the New York Marriott Downtown, Trade Terminal and Spark Blockchain presented the first ever blockchain summit focused on Sino-US secondary market. More than 200 industry Wall Street experts, researchers, and managers attended and discussed the trend in how hedge fund managers should evaluate and invest in this market. The summit discussed the current market, the difficulty of investment, the difference of crypto investing and traditional investments, and the lack of infrastructure in crypto investing.

2018 BWB Token Expo & After Party
In August 2018, Spark Blockchain has successfully held the 2nd Blockchain Without Borders Summit at Times Square, Manhattan, New York. Compared with the previous blockchain summits only focused on panels, the 2018 BWB Token Expo based on blockchain venture projects by integrating fireside chats, roadshows, and exhibition, which greatly improved both the quality and quantity of the exhibitions. Token Expo increasingly created more opportunities to attract investors focusing on emerging projects and help the development of blockchain applications.
Over 50 speakers are on the books and set to present throughout the BTE. With a mix of local New York, Americans, and international speakers set to deliver a fantastic event that is a rich representation of the local and global identity of blockchain. The after-party was a great plus to the expo which tracked more than 200 people to join the informal, but efficient social event during the after hours.

2018 Mars Blockchain Summit NYC
Mars Blockchain Summit NYC “Seeking the Power of a Turning Point” was held on October 18, 2018, in New York. This unrivaled event is hosted by Mars Finance and Consensus Lab, co-hosted and organized by Spark Blockchain. As the global financial center, New York has a profound influence on blockchain’s policy regulation, secondary market, and trend for blockchain derivatives. The summit invited senior representatives from Wall Street, Nasdaq, cryptocurrency exchanges and academic institutions with the intention to generate in-depth discussions on blockchain regulations, stable coin, secondary market, tokenomics, governance, the next generation of public chain and other concurrent topics on cryptocurrency. We are also invited top blockchain projects and token funds to participate in the roadshow.

2018 Consensus Invest Summit After Party
The Consensus Invest Summit in Nov 2018, brought together institutional investors, family offices, hedge funds, asset allocators and service providers to underline the current sophistication of digital securities and commodities, as well as to offer forecasts on the evolution of these assets in 2019. At the same time, we hosted the Fintech & Blockchain social networking party on November 27th, 2018. The party attracted more than 200 industry blockchain investors and entrepreneurs, including the popular speakers, scholars, and related token fund practitioners of the Consensus Invest 2018.

2018 ASEAN Digital Assets Summit
The ten ASEAN countries have a population of about 600 million in total, which consist of different ethnic backgrounds and different constitutional systems. In 2019, the Blockchain technology will enter the mainstream cognitive and industrial realization stage of the ASEAN market. One expose and Spark Blockchain seized the opportunity when the international currency and Blockchain communities are experiencing huge change, the Asian Blockchain enterprises are looking for base, and the Thai policy framework is constantly improving. There were 850 attendees, 45 executives, 80 speakers and 55 media partners globally attending this event.

2019 Consensus
Spark Blockchain is a blockchain consulting and incubation service provider in the U.S. with developer relations at its core. Their conference event—“China and the U.S.” —was the only session focused specifically on a comparison of two major international players in the blockchain industry while looking to the opportunities and challenges of blockchain for China and the U.S. over the next five years.

Please share your feedback on conference ideas!

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