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Re: why not borrowing?
« Reply #30 on: July 02, 2019, 05:15:04 pm »
bitUSD supply is now down to 3.87M.

no one want to borrow more bitUSD?

this is not traditional mortgage loan, this is stable coin minting!

"South Korea is one of the most active countries in the cryptocurrency market after the United States and Japan. The nation has different companies that are starting to pay close attention to the

blockchain and crypto markets, while others have already started to work with this technology.

Some of the firms in the country that are entering the market include Kakao, Hyundai and Samsung, among others"

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Re: why not borrowing?
« Reply #31 on: August 24, 2019, 02:35:31 am »
in your eyes anytime the market is in down trend and we shouldn't do anything until the up trend come.

some CEXs has adopted CNY as base currency but suffered the shortage of bitCNY and finally unlisted it.

currently the key task is to guarantee the bitCNY supply.

No, that is your claim.Its a reason why some people don't borrow currently.I'm  fully in stablecoin and observing some bigger players who do borrow i also saw they exchanged part of their debt to stablecoins.

I agree that main focus should be now to provide supply of stable coins but we have also to accept that current stable coins can be mainly only used to buy directly BTS.
First goal should be to make stable coins more attractiv to be able to buy other major coins anytime at market prices and giving holders of stable coins the possibility to use it on diffrent exchanges with small spread in prices.

Frankly ..I don't put too much weight behind TA (technical analysis)...because at then end of the's all a reflection of mass psychology... that's why $billions are spent on advertising every day..

how else does one explain the valuation of Dogecoin(#29) while BTS is (#51).... or CryptoKitties..

I think social, economic, financial and politcal events will impact price more than anything else...

You never know what kind of motivation will move markets...

1.Leverage via stablecoins which makes BTS more volatile.It also means that BTS will rise way quicker in an uptrend than dodgecoin .
2.Way better marketing and adoption of dodgecoin.For me it currently seems bitshares oversleept marketing and adoption compared to other coins which it needs now to catch up quickly.

A good refference point is DAI.
How does it come that DAI is already listed everywhere where bitshares or its stablecoins try to get implemented?

Since you don't care about major TA signals what event is bitshares going to produce in next 30 days which in your opinion will impact the price more than major trends ?
I'm asking cause i do also belive that some events are stronger than market trends.

Bitcoin’s reported market dominance is approaching 70%, but in reality it is above 90%

What does BitShares need most right now..?

The answer is clear in the excerpt of this article.

(Although I don't agree with every point the author makes because he doesn't seem to consider e.g.>
and what if it were to scale to handle consumer payments?)


Still, history has shown us that network effects often trump specialisation. General platforms with wide adoption might be used for “everything”, like the internet. Nowhere are the network effects stronger than for money, where liquidity is everything.

Every day bitcoin stays ahead, it becomes less likely that any other cryptocurrency can compete as a money. That is important to understand not only for investors and those building out payment infrastructure, but also those building out solutions leveraging the security of a public blockchain. The value of bitcoin [as] is what makes its blockchain the most secure and makes users take good care of their private keys.

Obviously a black swan event can have the network effect needed

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Re: why not borrowing?
« Reply #32 on: August 25, 2019, 01:00:00 am »
Borrowing the norns recently, less risky than borrowing MPA IMO.