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I prefer the Norns over FIAT pegged bitassets. 👍

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Some come to bitCNY  8)

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as shown below, some top whales has big amount of BTS and 0 debt.

I just wonder what kind of thoughts lead to this? do they all hold the policy that "buy while cheap and sell while expensive, do not borrow"?

bitUSD is still in big shortage and has a 2%+ premium, it will be good for more stake holder to borrow bitUSD and release(via buying BTS or others) to the market, right?

in the past, it seems the  "buy while cheap and sell while expensive, do not borrow" policy behaved well, "shorts and buy back" policy behaved even better, right?

we have done a lot change to make the rules more friendly to longs, help the system to resist shorting attack.

Target CR, MSSR reduction.

I hope these changes will make "borrow and buy" policy better than the "0 debt" policy.

if when bitUSD is in such a big shortage and high premium but only few users want to borrow bitUSD and release to the market, it's hard to say the changes succeed.

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