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New OBITS vote scheduled for 15 August 2019

Dear Valued OBITS Holder,

As we have received proposals on this subject from the community several times, and in view of the current news from VPledger, we propose a vote on the new OBITS/VPLedger proposal.

New OBITS/VPLedger proposal

Just as OpenLedger became the de-facto cryptocurrency exchange for the BitShares ecosystem back in 2015, four years later OBITS will become the default cryptocurrency payment option for VPLedger.

VPLedger is a new kind of DLT: an ‘enterprise first’ permissioned blockchain designed specifically for the needs of businesses, enabling them to legally integrate with secure, scalable and high-speed decentralised infrastructure, allowing them to access all the advantages of blockchain technology. OBITS will be the de-facto crypto payment option, alongside standard fiat payments, offering existing OBITS holders an easy way to access this new ecosystem.

Link to VPLedger Technical Whitepaper:

In practice, this means that when any other crypto is used to purchase VPL Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscriptions and token top-up, it will be automatically converted to OBITS on the open market. Then the resulting OBITS will be used to pay for the required product type. The process is seamless, with conversion occurring in the background and no impact on the user.

Early access via OBITS
Starting October and more specific date from middle of August, all OBITS holders will gain access to VPLedger via a dedicated voucher called VIMPLE ( From this date anyone on the BitShares network can acquire VIMPLE at a 50% discount on the EUR 1,000 retail price, paying just EUR 500 per unit in various currencies on different OBITS markets. Pre-orders can be placed at any time on these markets, and will be settled on the first day of Early Access.

OBITS previously functioned as a revenue-generating tool on the OpenLedger platform. Launched in 2015, the token has a circulating supply of some 14,497 286 units. OBITS represents a 50% allocation of the profits of OpenLedger sharing economy. Half of all profits are distributed to OBITS holders, with the remaining 50% going to OpenLedger ApS.

From the start of Global Launch in January 2020, any OBITS used to buy VIMPLE from this date onward will be burned. (Given the decentralised nature of OpenLedger, users can keep their OBITS on the platform if they wish.) OpenLedger will continue to conduct burns of OBITS received for VIMPLE every three months from April 2020, for as long as it is deemed necessary.

For further details in a full announcement, see this post: OBITS token to be rebranded as the de-facto crypto payment option?

VOTING WILL RUN UNTIL 1 September 2019, 13:00 CET
Only current OBITS holders can take part in the vote. To ensure a fair and accurate voting process, we will take a snapshot of OBITS holders’ accounts at 15:00 CET on 14 August 2019.

We will create a new voting asset especially for this event: the OBITS.VOTE token. The number of OBITS.VOTE tokens will be the same as the number of OBITS shown in the snapshot.

Start of voting - 15 August 2019

On 15 August, every OBITS token holder will receive an incoming transfer of OBITS.VOTE tokens, in the same amount as their holdings of OBITS at the time of the snapshot. Tokens will be sent from the account obits-voting. In the memo field, each recipient will find the conditions of the voting process.

In order to express your opinion, you should send your OBITS.VOTE tokens to the following accounts:

obits.option1 - if you wish to accept the new Obits-VPLedger proposal. The current Market Maker Buyback program will then be cancelled.

obits.option2 - if you wish to keep the current Market Maker Buyback program, no changes will be made.   

Please check your OpenLedger account on 15 August and express your opinion on OBITS’ future!

Do you agree with new Obits/VPLedger proposal?
YES -> send your OBITS.VOTE tokens to obits.option1 account
NO -> send your OBITS.VOTE tokens to obits.option2 account

On 1 September 2019 at 13:00 CET we will take a snapshot of the voting options accounts, and make a decision.

Whichever of the two voting accounts has more tokens will be the winner. If obits.option1 has more tokens, this signals a ‘yes’ vote and the new Obits/VPLedger proposal will be implemented. If obits.option2 has more tokens, nothing will change.

If you have suggestions or ideas for improving our new Obits/VPLedger proposal to bring more value to the OBITS token, we would be happy to hear your voice and look into your ideas! Please submit your thoughts before 31 August 2019 to

Please note:

If OBITS.VOTE tokens are not sent to either voting account, they will not be counted. (This could be the case if tokens are sent to the wrong account, or never sent at all.)

Example: If 5,000,000 OBITS.VOTE tokens are sent to obits.option1 account and 200,000 OBITS.VOTE tokens are sent to obits.option2 account by 1 September 2019, 13:00 CET, the result will be YES.

The OBITS.VOTE token will be used solely for the purpose of this particular Voting proposal. No other use for this token is intended. All OBITS.VOTE tokens will be burned after the voting process is finished and the results are published on the website and in other OpenLedger media channels.
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