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OP issue closed, but new comments / suggestions along this topic:

1) Did you get rid of the "set default wallet address" in the console / debug window?

2) I think you mentioned a command line switch to list multiple addresses.  Can that be added as a menu / properties / display checkbox within the program to display them in the Receive panel?

3) On the voting screen, is it possible to have a "Read current votes" button that scans the blockchain for your current votes (in addition to the current link to mmcvotes)?  We could have a display table / pulldown menu for each position / preference and use label from user address book for name.  Allow user to update all at once, and then have a "batch" vote button to push them all onto the blockchain.
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Hi Brian,

There's no configuration option for this yet - you could edit your .hosts file to redirect requests for unwanted pools to, or block them at the router level.
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I have a question about the configuration for the new release of the Wallet with Miner.

I would like to be able to have turn off specific pools entirely in some instances - as I do not want to deal with having small sums in the 2 non primary pools - but I do not see any obvious configuration to do this - is there anything I can do to turn off specific pools using the Wallet miner?

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