Author Topic: FreeTrade's Guide To Altcoin Investing  (Read 3093 times)

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Hi, good reasoning. Here is the synchronized Chinese translation
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Interesting read indeed. What other coins are your working on right now? I was thinking a piece about Vertcoin might be interesting because of the hype it got these last few days with its 1500% move (and it seems to answer to one of your criteria : hardware decentralization).

Anyway i always check back on that thread to see if there is update. Of course it is biased, but that's like the other 100% of the analysis out there.

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I have read this multiple times... it is very good. Might be a little biased, but still excellent reasoning.

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This is an excellent post for MemoryCoin (and for some other coins as well).
Very good read - I've learned a few interesting things from it.

Let's try and get a discussion going on on the thread @ BitcoinTalk to get it to stay on top.
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Great Reading ! Thank you !
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I've put together a guide to investing in altcoins - I've set out to explain the reasons that MMC has good potential as a potential X1000 investment -
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