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The PalmPay chain-agnostic point of sale Dapp (Decentralised app) enables any size business to accept one or more cryptocurrencies (hundreds in fact) at zero cost, AND includes free on-site support in now over 75 cities around the world (the blockchain pays them to help you).

The PalmPay point of sale Dapp:

* Is totally FREE.
* Is future-proof. Support for hundreds of coins and soon, C-IPFS and cross-chain Atomic Swaps (removes the need for HTTP, DNS, CEX's and Bridges). Bitcoin, Bitshares, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Steem, TUBE, LBC and more (even emerging coins such as Facebook Libra, Venezuela Petro, Marshall Islands' SOVereign Coin, Burger King's Whoppercoin, etc automatically).
* Doesn't require special hardware. Nearly any android device will do. Tablets (most point of sale systems are moving to tablets these days), smartphones and embedded devices and terminals. We are now integrating PalmPay with existing systems as well such as Odoo, Shopsite, vending machines and others. Contact us below for more info.
* Includes support for multiple Stablecoins such as bitUSD, bitRuble, bitEUR, bitCNY and others.
* Sends all coins received into one blockchain wallet for you. Can be automatically converted into your preferred currency too.
* Includes support for Loyalty Points. Reward your customers with your own custom coin and get them to come back for discounts and events.
* Is faster and safer than cash or cards. ID theft and chargebacks are impossible.
* Transactions are fully confirmed on-chain in 3 seconds or less. Recently blown through over 3,300 transactions per second. Faster, the most decentralised, and more scalable than any other blockchain in the world.
* Includes support for Invoicing, electronic Receipts, search/filter/export tools, tap-to-pay, 25+ different mobile wallets, and a growing network of hundreds of servers around the world which keep your transactions flowing faster than ever (even if you process transactions on the move or in-flight).
* Does NOT require a CEX or Bank, making it essentially impervious to their "issues". Download PalmPay, register your free username on the blockchain, and open your doors to international customers. Great for exporters and infrastructure providers too (such as the electric, water and internet companies).
 - www.PalmPay.io
 - www.PalmPay.mx
 - www.PalmPay.ro
 - www.PalmPay.se
 - www.PalmPay.com.br
 - www.PalmPay.com.ve
 - www.PalmPay.tk (ca)
 - www.PalmPay.solutions (français)
Social Media:
 - Bitchute: Bitchute.com/Agorise
 - BitTubers: BitTubers.com/profile/Agorise
 - D.tube: D.tube/c/agorise
 - Gab: Gab.com/Agorise
 - LBRY: lbry://@Agorise
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 - Twitter: Twitter.com/Agorise_world
 - Whaleshares: Whaleshares.io/@agorise
 - Youtube: Youtube.com/Agorise
--- Get paid in BTS to promote cryptos with PalmPay! ---
Telegram: www.t.me/Agorise
Keybase: keybase.io/team/Agorise
Github: github.com/Agorise

Flyers for Merchants:
and more: http://PalmPay.io/marketing
PalmPay is one of many open source crypto products from Agorise, a Distributed Autonomous Community (DAC). Bringing Agorism to the world, one decentralised, chain-agnostic piece of crypto-infrastructure at a time.
Oh, and best part yet, PalmPay is BASED ON BITSHARES.
I don't think anyone would disagree, Bitshares serves as the perfect point of sale use-case. Decentralised, 3 second blocks, scalable well past 3,300 transactions per second (so far), prediction markets, multiple block explorers, blockchain logins, tons of free api nodes you can connect to, supported by multiple exchanges and bridges, coin factory, multiple mobile wallets, a multi-million dollar reserve pool, Direct Debit, multisig accounts, referral rewards program with discounts and 80% cashback, paper wallets, blinded transactions, full-fledged decentralised exchange with Trader's Tools, recurring an scheduled payments, invoicing and payment Proposal system, growing open source Developer community, on-chain voting, Smartcoins/Stable-coins, barter tools, dApp tools and libraries, thousands of coin pairs, cross-chain HTLC Atomic Swaps, Cold Storage, Timed Transfers.....
Quite literally everything a business needs and then some. :)

This has been a game changer from the start. Innovation at its best. Easy to use, easy to implement. Keep innovating Ken!

PalmPay can bring a ton of volume to Bitshares. It basically turns our chain into a full-fledged point of sale network. Great work Agorise!  8)


I don't think anyone would disagree, Bitshares (BTS) has served us as the perfect Point Of Sale network (PalmPay.io) for over 5 years now, rock-freakin-solid.
BUT, we now enjoy many more benefits using their platform:
* Fully decentralised
* Lightning fast, fully-confirmed, on-chain transactions with 3 second blocks (1.5 sec on average)
* Full-fledged Decentralised Exchange (DEx) with simple/advanced Trader's Tools
* No KYC bs
* Thousands of coins to choose from and trade
* Free accounts
* Recently blew through 3,300 transactions per second (see blocktivity.info)
* Decentralised order books
* Prediction markets
* Multiple block explorers
* Blockchain logins (check out BEET)
* Tons of free api nodes you can connect to
* Supported by multiple Exchanges and Bridges(stealthex.io, godex.io, blocktrades, etc)
* User-issued assets and coin factory
* Multiple mobile wallets
* Self-funding blockchain with a multi-million Dollar reserve pool
* Direct-debit options
* Weighted, Hierarchical and Deterministic Multi-signing (Multisig) accounts
* Escrow services
* Cross-chain HTLC Atomic Swaps
* 100% free and open source software (FOSS)
* No counterparty, no middlemen, no permissioned or centralised side-chains needed
* No KYC crap
* Affiliate/referral rewards program with discounts and 80% cashback
* Paper wallets
* Blinded transactions for privacy
* 20+ provably-collateralised Smartcoins/Stable-coins
* Collateralised debt positions (zero-counterparty loans/borrowing of stablecoins (like bitUSD, bitCNY, bitEUR, bitGold, bitSilver, etc))
* Recurring payments
* Invoicing and payment Proposal system
* Scheduled payments
* Whitelisting/Blacklisting
* Huge open source repositories and Developer community
* On-chain voting
* Human-readable account names/addresses (nathancustomboats, mobile-papa, bobs-bigboy-52, etc)
* dApp tools and libraries
* Hacking bounties
* Decentralised, encrypted messaging
* 51% Attacks are impossible (see crypto51.app)
* Cold Storage
* ID Theft is impossible
* No f*ng KYC, ever.
* Stakeholder approved funding for your projects or ICO
* Vesting Balances
* Barter tools
* Timed Transfers
* ..and much more! Warning: Once you start trading, earning and sending BTS coins and assets around in 3 seconds or less, of any amount, with near-zero fees, you'll be hooked. Slow chains.. tremble.

Try the BiTSy android wallet:
Try the web wallet:
Try the PalmPay point of sale dApp:
Free your mind, leave the system, agorise and decentralise.

PalmPay Nigeria meetup
PalmPay demo in Russian (русский)
PalmPay v1.1.5 demo transactions
PalmPay explainer in 3D
PalmPay explainer video in Russian (русский)


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