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This is a great initiative. Thank you Fox and contributors (translators).

Representing DaoStreet, I am interested to promote the use of Prediction (Event) Markets and Atomic Transactions. Most importantly I am excited to hear many diverse voices in a single venue.

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I will attend this one on behalf of Agorise, Ltd. as well. 8)
I am very interested in C-IPFS and ACCS (HTLC, ILP, IBC, etc). Reducing our reliance on third party CEX's for price discovery and user on-boarding is imperative. We also need distributed fiat gateways, and I think ACCS will help to facilitate that.
PalmPay is in 104 languages, but we still rely on CEX's for coin conversions. We must decentralise even further. This can be solved once and for all with atomic order books (aob's). Once Bitshares has the first aob online and atomic swapping with at least Bitcoin, the liquidity can start growing.
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great, ill be there. thanks for organizing it @Fox and others involved in the event.

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Looks great! I would love to attend this online summit.

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Join the Summit Live:

Chinese channel:

English channel:

The BitShares Online Summit will be recorded and made available shortly after with both EN/CN audio streams.
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BitShares Online Summit
10 OCT 2019

Being the nature of a decentralized community, consensus building is an important component toward moving our BitShares project forward. Lacking effective communication, voices within our community cannot be heard, their ideas cannot be shared, and the overall project cannot be improved efficiently. This is your opportunity to participate in a meaningful discussion about the future of BitShares.

The BitShares Online Summit intends to leverage the collective knowledge within our diverse, decentralized BitShares community into a live unified online conversation. The summit will focus on topics related to Workers, Project Vision and Marketing of the BitShares project. The format will consist of presentations and Q&A (questions and answers), with open discussion facilitated by English-Chinese Live Interpretation Services to enhance real-time communication. All contributors and community members are welcome to join the discussions regarding issues, opportunities and solutions for growing a sustainable BitShares project.

The 2019 BitShares Online Summit is hosted by the BitShares Core Team, with event organization and coordination provided by Spark Blockchain Incubator.

What Makes This Summit Different
Sharing Insights
An online summit is an ideal venue for community members, committee members, workers, block producers, proxies and anyone contributing to BitShares growth to share their ideas. It is also an opportunity to question these ideas and seek to clarify information. We welcome all to participate using the conference tools provided.

Communication Among Participants
The conference will provide a direct channel for presenters to share their ideas and facilitate raising questions and soliciting feedback from the live audience. The audience will have 5-10 min to raise questions for each presenter following the 4-7 minute presentation.

Voices Without Borders
The Conference will be accessible anywhere you can connect to the Internet. In order to achieve good communication between the Chinese Community and the English Community, simultaneous interpretation will be provided throughout the conference. It will help translate the ideas and thoughts for our global community.

How to Attend / RSVP
In order to attend the conference, please RSVP with this form:

If you intend to present at the conference, please also complete the following form, indicating what topic area you intend to present, and provide a brief description of your content:

Date and Location
The summit will be held online using a video conferencing software platform. Registered attendees will receive their personalized URL and login credentials upon registration. The summit will begin promptly at Noon / 12:00 PM(UTC) on October 10th, 2019. The local time for various time zones is provided below for your information.

Asia / Shanghai  (China Standard Time / UTC+8):
8:00 PM - Midnight, Thursday, October 10th, 2019

Europe / Paris (Central European Summer Time / UTC+2)
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Thursday, October 10th, 2019

North America / New York (Eastern Daylight Time / UTC-4):
8:00 AM - Noon, Thursday, October 10th, 2019

Time Zone Base: UTC

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM     Workers Presentation
Workers present their current working progress and plans for future efforts.
4 min for each presentation and 9 min for Q&A from attendees.

10 min Break

1:40 PM - 2:50 PM      Project Vision Session
Speakers discuss their vision and future direction for the BitShares project.
Topics include but not limited to:
  • Easy Access to BitShares
  • Decentralized Finance Application
  • Lending and Collateral Mechanism
  • Cross-Chain Transfer
6 min for each presentation and 8 min for Q&A from attendees.

   10 min Break

3:00 AM - 4:00 PM       Marketing Session
Evaluate our past marketing efforts. Discuss how we may structure our market research and marketing efforts for the future.
5 min for each presentation and 10 min for Q&A from attendees.

Host: BitShares Core Team
BitShares Core Team is responsible for the maintenance and development of the core protocol and oversight of the BitShares Improvement Proposals (BSIP) process. The core team liaises with the UI and Mobile Teams, and other community lead efforts maintained within the BitShares Organization on GitHub. The Core Team actively attend and speak at relevant international conferences, hackathons and events.

Conference Organizer: Spark Blockchain Incubator
Spark Blockchain is a leading blockchain consulting and incubation service provider in North America. Headquartered in Boston, it radiates its influence through NY, LA, SF and the Bay Area, China, ASEAN, etc. Since its establishment, it has quickly established a leading position in North America's blockchain community and has established great cooperative relations with top-tier projects and investment funds in China, and the United States. The current clients of Spark Blockchain include not only select top 100 blockchain projects, but also DApps, quantitative teams, media, and blockchain investment funds.


作为去中心化社区,建立共识是推动我们的BitShares项目向前发展的重要方式。 如果缺乏有效的沟通,我们社区内的建议将无法被听到,想法无法被分享,整个项目也无法得到提高。 此次峰会是所有社区成员参与有关BitShares未来发展讨论的机会。

BitShares线上峰会旨在使我们去中心化社区中的各种想法能够通过实时的在线对话被分享、讨论。 峰会将重点讨论与Worker,项目愿景和BitShares项目营销相关的话题。 形式将包括演讲和问答,并通过英汉实时翻译进行公开讨论,以增强实时交流。 欢迎所有社区成员参加有关BitShares项目可持续性发展的讨论。


在线峰会是社区成员,委员会成员,worker,见证人,投票代理以及任何为BitShares增长做出贡献的人分享想法的理想场所。 这也是一个对各种想法提出疑问并寻求答案的平台。 我们欢迎所有人参加会议。

会议为演讲者提供分享他们的想法的平台,并征询现场观众的反馈。 在4-7分钟的演讲之后,听众将有5-10分钟的时间向每个演讲者提问。

您可以在任何可以连接到互联网的地方参与会议。 为了在中文社区和英语社区之间实现良好的沟通,会议期间将提供同声传译。 这将有助于全球社区内的想法的交流。


峰会将在视频会议软件平台上举行。 注册的参加者将在注册后收到个性化URL和登录凭证。 峰会将于2019年10月10日中午/12:00 PM(UTC)开始。下面提供了各个时区的当地时间,以供参考。

亚洲/上海(中国标准时间/ UTC + 8):
8:00 PM - 12:00AM 2019年10月10日,星期四

欧洲/巴黎(中欧夏令时/ UTC + 2)
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM 2019年10月10日,星期四

北美/纽约(美国东部夏令时间/ UTC-4):
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM 2019年10月10日,星期四


下午12:00-下午1:30   Worker汇报

10 分钟休息

下午1:40-下午2:50   项目愿景
  • 更加便捷的访问BitShares
  • 去中心化金融应用
  • 贷款与抵押
  • 跨链转账

10 分钟休息

下午3:00 - 下午4:00 市场营销

BitShares核心团队负责维护和开发核心协议,并监督BitShares改进提案(BSIP)的流程。 核心团队与UI团队、移动团队和社区领导者保持密切联系,共同维护GitHub的BitShares Organization的运行。 核心团队积极参加各类相关的国际会议,黑客马拉松和活动并在其中发言。

「星火区块链」以开发者关系为核心,成为北美领先的区块链咨询及孵化公司。总部位于波士顿,辐射纽约、洛杉矶、旧金山及湾区,中国,以及东盟等。2018 年 3 月成立至今,依托咨询与孵化业务,迅速在北美的区块链行业圈内站稳头部位置,与中美顶级的项目以及投资基金建立良好合作关系。「星火区块链」目前的客户不仅包括前 100 名知名公链,还包括 DApp、量化团队、区块链服务提供商、媒体、区块链投资基金等,促进了中国与美国区块链圈的多层次和多维度的交流发展。

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