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« on: October 02, 2019, 02:10:11 pm »
     为了增进中国社区和欧洲美国bts社区的交流与合作,消除不必要的误解,阐明cnvote成立的目的和近期要达到的目标。 cnvote社区自费派遣工会成员Mr. twitter 在10月5号到10月14号期间到德国(汉堡),瑞士(苏黎世,日内瓦),法国(里昂),意大利(米兰,罗马,威尼斯)和当地的bts粉丝见面交流。 热烈欢迎有兴趣的bts爱好者和mr.twitter 联系,以便确定见面的地点和时间。
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Dear BTS enthusiasts,
    In order to promote cooperation between the Chinese community and the European bts communities, eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings, and clarify the purpose of cnvote and the goals to be achieved in the near future.  On behalf of the CNVOTE, Mr. twitter would be very pleased to invite you to attend a small meetup in your cities (German /Hamburg, Switzerland /Zurich, Geneva, France /Lyon, Italy /Milan, Rome, Venice) from October 5th to October 14th, during his stay in above cities. local bts fans and Interested bts enthusiasts are welcome to contact Mr. twitter to determine where and when to meet.
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    Yours,All the cn-vote members    Oct. 2nd, 2019
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