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I am looking for a graphics designer who can help us brand Keyhotee which is our ID, Wallet and Communication client.   It is named after Don Quixote because of our idealistic goals of decentralizing everything and slaying the dragon of tyranny.   We are thinking a theme of Honor, Nobel, Virtue, Knights, Security, Windmills, Dragons, Medieval, Horses, etc.

This bounty will accept submissions of draft ideas over the next 2 weeks after which I will select the top contenders for a poll and then award the bounty to the winner who will have 1 week to tweak the designs and send me the source images.

In addition to paying the bounty to the winner, I will award every individual who provides a meaningful submission with 0.25 BTC toward a Genesis Block Keyhotee ID of their choosing:

The bounty will be paid in BTC using the BitStamp price for conversion.

The splash screen should be high resolution, detailed, and pretty at resolutions up to 640x640.   The icon should be simple and elegant but fit in the theme.   For inspiration on the current Icon I am using a Shield because it denotes protection and security.  
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