Author Topic: A list of suggestions to all MMC Pools  (Read 1346 times)

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definitely support for port 80 would be good

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This post aims at maintaining a list of suggestions to improve all MMC pools (currently including but not limited to mmcpool, 1gh and dwarfpool), so that both the pool owners and the users can benefit. This is a live post, which means that I will assemble the collected suggestions and update the original post. If you are a miner and would like certain features of the pools, please reply with your suggestions. If you are a pool owner, please consider our collected suggestions to improve your service.

1) Please support port 80. MMC is a CPU coin. Many people have spare, sometimes huge, CPU power behind the firewall. More users will come if 80 is supported.

2) Please include alternative languages including spanish, chinese, french, german... The pool-site is usually very small and such translation does not require much effort. It would be of great help of miners who do not speak English.
3) (for new pools like dwarfpool and others) It would be great pleasure to see you more active on the forum and organize activities like temporarily reduce the pool fee, giving additional award for miners, organizing games, ... so that the computational power can be more balanced. It is good for both the community and the pool owners.
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