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Multiply your investment: 30% per month with UPDC token.
« on: July 19, 2019, 10:17:36 pm »
Looking for financial freedom? Here is the solution!

I invite you to join UpStake- an innovative cryptocurrency game-changing ecosystem built around the unique rise-only UPDC token.
Investing and holding UPDC is a great way to build wealth, UpStake innovative exchange ensures that the value of UPDC tokens always increases through a combination of limited supply and proof of burn.
Find out the future price of UpStake tokens here and read more about how the unique exchange works here.

Join the fast-growing UPDC community right now to see how your investment increases hourly!

What is UpStake?
UpStake tokens (UPDC) are designed to increase in value over time. Knowing the future token price doesn't create value, it sets the stage to build great products and services which results in better user experience.
To balance the token rising in the value we have a built-in mechanism of burning tokens at the point of transaction. The more transactions that take place around the world the faster circulation of UPDC tokens will decrease over time.
With a major focus on user adoption, UpStake has developed key token features which better enable mass adoption:
- limited circulation
- hourly increasing value
- proof of burn
- anti exchange manipulation
Product adoption isn’t always possible in highly volatile and unregulated markets. Join a growing community of people that believe crypto has the power to change the world for the better.

So, UPDC is the world’s first cryptocurrency with a manipulation-proof predictable value and uses a unique rise-only concept facilitated in-part by reducing the overall supply through burn events.
Tokens can only be purchased through the exchange and the value of the token currently rises at 30% per month. Over time as the liquidity, utility and infrastructure improve the rate of increase will drop. You get the highest ROI today because the project is new and still establishing itself.
UPDC has also moved from the ERC20 Blockchain to the TRC20 Blockchain run on the TRON network. UPDC has chosen the TRON network primarily to facilitate a high frequency of transactions required for its future products. TRON can support a very high amount of on-chain TPS (transactions per second). It is highly trusted and has already surpassed Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of day-to-day transaction volume.
For more information on Up Digital Currency and its future plans please check out UpStake Whitepaper.

What is UpStake Edge?
UpStake Edge is a crypto investment which allows you to make crypto income through micro networking. UpStake likes to think of this as (MNI) micro-network investing. You invest into an Edge, once payment is confirmed you are assigned Edges and become the owner of them.
UpStake edge is a secure, safe and easy way to invest with a guaranteed return on your crypto investment.

UpStake Edge information and how to invest.
Creating a new Edge or buying an open Edge gives you the opportunity to double your investment (minus a small fee). Once you sell an Edge you will instantly receive BTC for the sale at the external wallet address you specify.

There are two ways to invest.
1. Create a new Edge contract with UPDC tokens.
If you are a holder of UPDC you can create a new Edge contract with UPDC. The cost is based on the exchange price at the time of investing. Once payment is confirmed you are assigned 2 open Edges and become the owner of them.
Each open Edge has a unique URL associated with it that you can then send to your network to sell for BTC.
2. Purchase an open Edge with BTC by visiting a unique Edge referral URL.
Anyone with an email address and BTC wallet can invest in an open Edge by visiting the unique URL of that Edge.
Once a customer purchases an open Edge with BTC, the Edge will close and they will become the owner of 2 new open Edges. They can then onsell them to their network for real BTC profits the same way the person who’s Edge they purchased did.

Edge Contracts have 3 states.
1. Open
2. Pending Confirmation
3. Payment Received (Edge Closed)

Edge Contracts can do 3 things.
1. Create new open Edges
2. Manage the payment splits 90% to customers BTC address, 10% to UPDC company address
3. Close completed contracts once payment is received

View Status of Edge Contract.
If customers want to see the status of their Edge contracts they can log into UpStake (if an existing user) or create a new UpStake account with the same email they specified when purchasing the contract.
To learn more watch this video.

Improve your wealth using UpStake- a unique money-making ecosystem.
Join the fast-growing UPDC community right now to multiply your investment value!
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Whaleshares riddle contest to promote BitShares
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It agree, a useful phrase