Author Topic: BTS VS OTHER POPULAR DEX COINS PART 1  (Read 1336 times)

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Today am going to compare BTS with other coins that are used as native tokens on their respective DEXs, what I'll focus mainly on is the price change for the year and the price change for each quarter of the year.
The first is ETH the second highest market cap, it has no rival for now
Yearly change for now is 5.75%
In the first quarter ETH gained 6.83%
In the Second quarter it gained 90.59%
Third quarter it lost by 41.56% or -41.56%
Finally in the fourth quarter it's currently at -14.84%
Next is BNB they recently started a DEX platform, here's their performance so far
Yearly 156.73%
First Quarter 113.86%
Second Quarter 70.71%
Third Quarter -68.58%
Currently in fourth Quarter 4.91
There are other DEX coins however due to constraints I'll stop at Komodo before looking at BTS, mind you all these coins have a superior market capital compared to BTS in the order I've listed so next
KMD on the yearly is at -21.16%
First Quarter 45.54%
Second Quarter 25.14%
Third Quarter -66.8%
Fourth Quarter currently is at 17.92%
Now let's look at BTS
On the yearly we have -48.92%
First Quarter 43.82%
Second Quarter 5.44%
Third Quarter -58.93%
Fourth Quarter is currently at -27.19%
It's no surprise that each coins lost grip at the third Quarter, this was because Bitcoin didn't do so well then either, however of all the coins BNB seems to be the best this year for it's early investors, followed by ETH then KMD and finally BTS, it's obvious from the price changes that Bitcoin still influences these coins heavily still if you look at the fourth Quarter for each coins BNB and KMD seem to have started improving even ETH, is showing good signs, except BTS. This is not to say that BTS as a DEX has not made some Development, however compared to it's big rivals those developments are not attracting investors or even retail traders, and something drastic needs to be done to improve it's chances next year or before the end of Fourth Quarter...
N/B data is culled from