Author Topic: Good audio is always worth having IMO.  (Read 5175 times)

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Good audio is always worth having IMO. I concede that its not always a value buy.

As far as gaming is concerned, audio is super important if you are interested in high levels of gaming and you need audio cues and to hear footsteps etc.
But remember that audio isn't just the DAC be it dedicated or built in. There's also your headset or headphones to consider. I don't have Clouds so this isn't a comment about them specifically but if you are going to pair weaker headphones with a good DAC then you are only getting a partial improvement.

A dedicated DAC is, IMO, always good to have because you don't have to leave it at your computer. If you are planning binging Stranger Things or something, take it to your TV set up and enjoy improved audio there.
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