Author Topic: [Forager] v20.04 - Profit switching miner (AMD/NVIDIA/CPU) Windows/Linux!  (Read 795 times)

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Forager is an advanced open source multi-pool / multi-algo profit switching miner

It will use profit information from supporting pools to make sure you mine the most profitable algorithm at all times.
You can also use WhatToMine and CoinCalculators virtual pools for profit data and mine to pools which dont provide profit information, or even your custom pools.

Using integration with MSI Afterburner, it will get real time power usage and use this information to calculate how much you pay and adjust the profitability data.

Latest versions:
20.04 - 5/04/2020
20.01 - 5/01/2020
19.07 - 27/07/2019
19.06 - 3/06/2019
19.05 - 9/05/2019

Main features:
- Supports AMD/NVIDIA/CPU Mining
- Mine single coin or algo or Automatic profit switching on Zpool, Zergpool, NiceHash, MiningPoolHub and others
- Profitability info for all coins on WhatToMine and CoinCalculators
- MSI Afterburner integration for monitoring AMD/NVIDIA/Intel CPU power consumption and PowerLimit support for AMD/NVIDIA
- Fast benchmarking (Most algos hashrate stabilize and finish within 2-3mins)
- GPU Activity watchdog + Hashrate watchdog
- Reporting mining stats to
- Power usage approximation for AMD and CPU when Afterburner integration is off
- Profit display in any fiat currency which is supported by CoinDesk
- SHA256 checksum validation for miner downloads


Option 2:
Download latest Forager release (7zip or self-extracting SFX) and extract

Copy Config-SAMPLE.ini to Config.ini and Edit it with your preferred currencies, wallets and pool users
See Autostart.bat files for launch examples

Option 1:
Remove all files except your customized Autostart.bat, Config.ini and Stats folder
Download latest Forager release (7zip or self-extracting SFX) and extract

Option 2 (if initially installed using GIT):
run "git pull" in Forager folder to get latest master version

Miner list:
Total of 70+ miners, too long to list here
If you want a specific miner - I probably have it already

Pool list:


- Recommended drivers for AMD - 18.3.4/18.6.1.
you can use to easily find and download specific driver version

- Recommended drivers for NVIDIA on Win 10 - 411.31+ for CUDA 10.
- Recommended drivers for NVIDIA on Win 10 - 398.+ for CUDA 9.2
- Recommended drivers for NVIDIA on Win 7 - 390.65-391.01

- Latest PowerShell core recommended for compatibility/performance

- Windows 7 will require PowerShell v5 or PowerShell Core installed
- Recommended MSI Afterburner version is 4.5.0 or newer
prior versions don't support Intel CPU power usage and may not fully support your GPU

- Avermore and Sgminer X16r/X16s (AMD) during benchmarking submit "fake" shares that get rejected by the pools.
Ignore this and after benchmarking it will work normally.

- XMR-Stak (AMD and NVIDIA) doesn't support multiple groups per GPU Vendor (2+ AMD or NVIDIA) out of the box.
Of first run it will create "GroupName-Algorithm.txt" files for each group that you can edit once to include only the relevant GPUs.

Mixed rigs (AMD+NVIDIA) may have problems selecting specific devices. Use at your own risk.