Author Topic: [Market Making Contest Announcement] The contest will be paused after Sunday  (Read 244 times)

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In order to adjust rules, the MM contest will be paused after this Sunday (2020-05-10). Rewards distribution for 2020-05-10 will still be proposed, but no more rewards after.
The details about the new rules and the date to resume the contest will be announced in another post.
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am discussing on this MM contest in China community, plan to propose to do some update later:

1.Add BTS/bitAssets pair groups into the contest.
2.Make the reward to each pair depend on the contributed fee to system from this pair.
3.set a BTS burn plan which depend on the reward/contributed fee to system.
4.will pay salary to the development work to update the scripts and the daily reward distribution work.

generally speaking, we hope the updated contest will give incentive to more participation, more system income, more BTS burn, and finally make trading in BTS-DEX more active.

A detailed plan will be submitted later after sufficient discussion, hope the whole community can contribute ideas on this.

Finally the proposal will be put into poll voting, and will only be executed if it is approved by the community.