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This is the home of cpuminer-opt, the optimized CPU miner.

Welcome to the new cpuminer-opt discussion thread. The old thread is locked, all disussion
of cpuminer-opt should now take place here.

Supporting over 90 agorithms with many optimized for CPUs with the latest technologies:

Intel Haswell: AVX2
AMD Ryzen: AVX2, SHA
Intel Skylake X: AVX512
Intel Icelake: AVX512, SHA, and VAES

Older 64 bit CPUs with SSE2 are also supported, see below for requirements.


List of supported algoritms
allium Garlicoin
anime Animecoin
argon2 Argon2 coin (AR2)
argon2d250 argon2d-crds, Credits (CRDS)
argon2d500 argon2d-dyn, Dynamic (DYN)
argon2d4096 argon2d-uis, Unitus, (UIS)
axiom Shabal-256 MemoHash
blake Blake-256 (SFR)
blake2b Blake2b 256
blake2s Blake-2 S
blakecoin blake256r8
bmw BMW 256
bmw512 BMW 512
c11 Chaincoin
deep Deepcoin (DCN)
dmd-gr Diamond-Groestl
groestl Groestl coin
hex x16r-hex
hmq1725 Espers
hodl Hodlcoin
jha Jackpotcoin
keccak Maxcoin
keccakc Creative coin
lbry LBC, LBRY Credits
luffa Luffa
lyra2h Hppcoin
lyra2re lyra2
lyra2rev2 lyra2v2
lyra2rev3 lyrav2v3, Vertcoin
lyra2z330 Lyra2 330 rows, Zoin (ZOI)
m7m Magi (XMG)
minotaur Ringcoin (RNG)
myr-gr Myriad-Groestl
neoscrypt NeoScrypt(128, 2, 1)
nist5 Nist5
pentablake Pentablake
phi1612 phi
phi2 Luxcoin (LUX)
phi2-lux identical to phi2
pluck Pluck:128 (Supcoin)
polytimos Ninja
power2b MicroBitcoin (MBC)
quark Quark
qubit Qubit
scrypt scrypt(1024, 1, 1) (default)
scrypt:N scrypt(N, 1, 1)
sha256d Double SHA-256
sha256q Quad SHA-256, Pyrite (PYE)
sha256t Triple SHA-256, Onecoin (OC)
sha3d Double keccak256 (BSHA3)
shavite3 Shavite3
skein Skein+Sha (Skeincoin)
skein2 Double Skein (Woodcoin)
skunk Signatum (SIGT)
sonoa Sono
timetravel Machinecoin (MAC)
timetravel10 Bitcore
tribus Denarius (DNR)
vanilla blake256r8vnl (VCash)
veltor (VLT)
x11 Dash
x11evo Revolvercoin
x11gost sib (SibCoin)
x12 Galaxie Cash (GCH)
x13 X13
x13bcd bcd
x13sm3 hsr (Hshare)
x14 X14
x15 X15
x16rv2 Ravencoin (RVN)
x16rt Gincoin (GIN)
x16rt-veil Veil (VEIL)
x16s Pigeoncoin (PGN)
xevan Bitsend (BSD)
yescrypt Globalboost-Y (BSTY)
yescryptr8 BitZeny (ZNY)
yescryptr8g Koto (KOTO)
yescryptr16 Eli
yescryptr32 WAVI
yespower Cryply
yespowerr16 Yenten (YTN)
yespower-b2b generic yespower + blake2b
zr5 Ziftr

New in v3.14.3

#265: more mutex changes to reduce blocking with high thread count.

#267: fixed hodl algo potential memory alignment issue,
add warning when thread count is not valid for mining hodl algo.

New in v3.14.2

The second line of the Share Accepted log is no longer displayed,
new Xnonce log is added and other small log tweaks.

#265: Cleanup use of mutex.

New in v3.14.1

GBT and getwork log changes:
- fixed missing TTF in New Block log,
- ntime no longer byte-swapped for display in New Work log,
- fixed zero effective hash rate in Periodic Report log,
- deleted "Current block is..." log.

Renamed stratum "New Job" log to "New Work" to be consistent with the solo
version of the log. Added more data to both versions.

New in v3.14.0

Changes to solo mining:
- segwit is supported by getblocktemplate,
- longpolling is not working and is disabled,
- Periodic Report log is output,
- New Block log includes TTF estimates,
- Stratum thread no longer created when using getwork or GBT.

Fixed BUG log mining sha256d.


1. A x86_64 architecture CPU with a minimum of SSE2 support. This includes Intel Core2 and newer and AMD equivalents.
AES optimizations require a CPU with AES_NI including Intel Westmere and newer and AMD equivalents.
Further optimizations are available on some algos for CPUs with AVX (Sandybridge), AVX2 (Haswell, Ryzen), AVX512 (Skylake-X),
SHA (Ryzen, Icelake), and VAES (Icelake).

32 bit CPUs, ARM CPUs, Intel Atom, Raspberry PI, etc, are not supported.

Mobile devices are not recommended because they aren't designed for continuous full load.

2. 64 bit Linux OS. Ubuntu and Fedora based distributions including Mint and Centos are known to work and have all
dependencies in their repositories. Others may work but may require more effort.

64 bit Windows OS is supported using the pre-compiled binaries package or may be cross-compiled using a Linux
sysytem with mingw.

FreeBSD is not actively tested but should work, YMMV.
Apple and Android operating systems are not supported.

Older CPUs, other architectures and operating systems may be supported by TPruvot's cpuminer-multi.

Security warning

Miner programs are often flagged as malware by antivirus programs. This is usually a false positive, they are
flagged simply because they are cryptocurrency miners. However, some malware has been spread using the
cover that miners are known to be subject to false positives. Always be on alert. The source code of cpuminer-opt
is open for anyone to inspect. If you don't trust the software don't download it.

Some cryptographic code has been taken from trusted sources but has been modified for speed at the expense of
accepted security practices. This code should not be imported into applications where secure cryptography is


Old algorithms that are rarely used anymore will not get the latest optimizations.

Cryptonight and variants are no longer supported.

Neoscrypt crashes on Windows, use legacy version.

Hodl requires a CPU with AES, use legacy version if without.

Benchmark testing does not work on several algos.


cpuminer-opt has no fees of any kind but donations are accepted.

BTC: 12tdvfF7KmAsihBXQXynT6E6th2c2pByTT