Author Topic: 号召通过捐赠的方式组织支付推广费用 Call for donation to cover marketing cost  (Read 8947 times)

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Reject. The system has been corrupted by scammers, why advertise in the current corrupted state? How will you overcome your scams when marketing?

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5、Bartner, HTLC,投票,预测市场,隐私转账等等BTS自带的亮点功能,值得系统的向市场用户推广。

然而,之前中国社区发起的市场推广提案一直没有获得有效票数的批准,主要是国外社区的不支持。目前BTS 4.0即将上线,而主流媒体很少看到比特股的任何新闻,仅靠社区自发推广远远不够。



Call for donation to cover marketing cost

After nearly six years’ updating and iteration, BitSharess is now in the best stage at the product level.However,the outside world’s understanding of BitSharess is still three to four years ago. All-round publicity and promotion to reshape the brand and let the market update the value of BitSharess has become the most important and urgent thing for BitSharess community.
1. The stability of the underlying code has been verified, and the system is enough to support large-scale commercial usage.
2. The upcoming version 4.0 optimizes several business logics. Under the same system business volume, it is expected that the system revenue will increase significantly. Once the system is able to make positive profits, the value-added of BTS token can also be achieved through self-development, rather than the injection of external speculation funds.
3. The reserve pool is about to burn 250 million BTS, which means, the number of BTS that may flow to the market in the future has decreased by 250 million, meeting the expectation of halving countdown that is popular in the market.
4. BTS + + mobile wallet, as an officially funded wallet, is becoming more and more perfect in function and experience, which can fully support large-scale users.
5. HTLC, voting, market forecasting,Stealth transaction and other BTS's own highlights are now available on mobile wallet and worth promoting to market users.

However, the previous marketing worker proposal was not approved by enough shareholders, mainly due to the lack of support from outside of Chinese community. BTS 4.0 is coming soon, but there is rarely reports about BitShares on mainstream media, this is unbearable!

The donation is not compulsory, and will be multi-signature managed by cn-vote, gbac and committee member from China,the fund will be used mainly for covering the cost of media promotion.
To note that the use of fund will not be reported to non-donors, nor promise any effect, nor accept any criticism from non-donors.

We call on everyone to consider for their own investment and work together to promote the BTS.
Let’s go back to 2013, when decentralization sprit was shining the BitShares community!

Donation Account: cn-fund2020
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