Author Topic: BTS holders, please don't vote BAIP-Threshold/threshold-bsip!  (Read 630 times)

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BAIP-Threshold and threshold-bsip didn't have any PR/MD for community, if these things and vote threshold were not important for community?

BAIP-Threshold and threshold-bsip didn't obey the cornerstone of WPS, a worker need to get the full pay from the reserve pool to make it was actived, but these threshold destroyed the baseline.

Even these threshold were created by committee-account, but it still need to keep its availability through getting full pay from the reserve pool, not through the mouth.

Now these threshold can't keep its availability and didn't get the approval from the community, but someone said it is actived?!

A threshold's design can be easily cheated by cn-vote or others big vote, e.g. BAIP6, cn-vote and other big vote can easily steal the money from the committee-account through this cheating threshold, so is it right for a threshold?

cn-vote and other big vote and committees support refund400k to stop any workers to get the pay from the reserve pool, now they make these threshold steal money from the committee-account not reserve pool, how ridiculous!

If you vote these threshold, then you fell into the trap made by them, as these threshold didn't follow the baseline of WPS, just follow their mouths!

As a bts holder,ask yourself,is it right?!

As a bts committee,ask yourself,is it right?!

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