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actually I do not like the words style of Thul3, it's easy to find lies in his words, and if he do not like one people, the one will be the worst in the world under his words.

even though, I hope the Administrator of this forum can release him to post freely.

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this is the post THAT WAS DELETED by DL, DL abused his admin rights in my eyes

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Author Topic: Voting System  (Read 26 times)

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Voting System
« on: August 20, 2020, 07:21:04 pm »


I would like to provide some information regards the upgraded voting system.
Majority of people like some parts of the voting system and think there are currently two groups.
One group called the CN-Vote Group and the other Group called Abit's group.

It is being fudded to many people that CN-Vote Group is against a new voting system and only Abit's group will provide a new voting system.

The truth is majority of us also likes some part of the new voting system.DPOS1 for example has been promoted by myself on telegram chats for a longer period which everyone can check themself.

Our main disagreement is

1.Adding a malcious code (from core member who should audit it) destroying bitshares reputation and its blockchain being vulnerable to a single person.
2.Adding a stacking feature which will mainly benefit a special group and centralize power arround big holders.An example Abit will get soon 70 million vote power making sure he will keep part of his influence on bitshares (as one of the most corrupt member.Here just from today again on telegram chat "How about we remove their admin privileges and kick them out?" , Then they'll never tag you here @favdesu")
3.Corrupt people with low ethics will stay at major key positions which makes corruption possible.Corruption for example was in the past not so much possible because it was limited by committee members with high ethics who followed protocol/rules .
4.Increase of influence of Digital Lucifer and BEOS .Both love to centralize bitshares which majority of foreign  community disagrees.
This part of community is being muted or banned.Businesses are afraid of these people and would fork out instantly (see palmpay) for example.It would also mean that majority of foreign community would leave.

They are well aware about it that they have no support in centralization of bitshares thats why they need to change the voting power in our opinion to implement their agenda since they can't get nearly any support at current situation.

Our main goal is to not let the 4 mentioned points happen and get new features for the voting system voted in via normal BSIP workers
like DPOS1 for committee and witness,Vote Decay and Collateral in some form .It should be done the right way.

There is enough support to get it passed via BSIP workers without giving the corrupt people of bitshares more influence over bitshares and key control positions they currently have (lost a lot)

This fight is not about getting a new voting system added or not as cn-vote group is also for voting system changes.

This fight is about getting  the new voting system added without corruption,malcious code and destruction of bitshares reputation and to have strong limits for bad actors who blocked bitshares progress for a very long time causing enough damage.

Please remember which members were the most corrupted ones, hurting bitshares the most with their ignorant stance that only their point of view matters no important if majority supports it or not
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This statement is issued by me on behalf of thul3:
 “thul3 Has been banned from forum by digital lucifer for posting offical position to voting system on forum which DL didn't liked”.

I think it is shameful to control public opinion by such despicable means.