Author Topic: BitAssets 1.0 reloaded, recruiting price feed producers (Oct.10 added bitRUB1.0)  (Read 2558 times)

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The committee has created 7 new bitassets on the chain:

1.3.5839 CNY1.0
1.3.5840 USD1.0
1.3.5841 EUR1.0
1.3.5842 BTC1.0
1.3.5843 SILVER1.0
1.3.5844 GOLD1.0
1.3.5866 RUB1.0

The objective of the assets is to be pegged to the corresponding assets outside of BitShares.

The assets came with the original parameters which will not change in the future:
ICR 175%
MCR 175%
MSSR 110%
force settlement offset 0%
force settlement delay 24 hours
backed by BTS

Fees (which goes to the asset owner, and the numbers may change in the future):
Margin call fee 1%
Force settlement fee 1%
Maker fee 0.08%
Taker fee 0.12%
Market fee sharing percent (to referral program) 40%

Price of the assets will not be fed by witnesses, but by a chosen group of oracle service providers. It will be paid service (details TBD). Anyone who have interest in providing price feeds please leave a message introducing yourself so we can discuss further.

Price feed policy:
* Feed the original, real, market trading prices.

Let's set sail again.

Following issuer permissions have been forfeited on the assets:
* override_authority
* transfer_restricted
* disable_force_settle
* global_settle
* lock_max_supply
* disable_new_supply
* disable_mcr_update
* disable_icr_update
* disable_mssr_update

Note: due to a human error, the maximum supply of bitCNY1.0 is not locked. Other parameters are locked properly.
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