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Today several well-known community members wrote to me asking: How do I see the future of BitShares? How optimistic? And does the world's oldest decentralized platform have a future?

User questions made me understand that it was time to remind many people why we are here and where we are going, as well as propose my candidacy as a committee member.

The DeFi movement as it currently exists is only a few months old, and the very concept of blockchain is only eleven years old. However, we're already starting to see DeFi finding new use cases and establishing the first popular use cases.

Importantly, BitShares has a vision as a DeFi platform that is serious about positioning for the future - not only a vision of where things might go, but a role that it should play itself as these new decentralized financial services consolidate and grow.

Given the necessary course adjustments over time, where can we see DeFi in ten years?

Assets will fuel DeFi and everything will be tokenized.

BitShares already has blockchain assets representing cryptocurrencies and digital assets, with a number of useful features. The advantages are that the direction of travel is clear. Already now, anyone can release their own asset, while getting a high-speed scalable blockchain, available almost anywhere in the world.

While no one can know the future, especially in this space, a number of trends, technologies, products and use cases are emerging, and they are starting to build a certain trajectory.

We are rapidly approaching the point where new forms of decentralized exchange and increased volumes are a given. BitShares has an excellent technology base to meet the needs of the market.

About stablecoins:
One of the most common uses for DeFi is stablecoins. They come in many forms and are based on different approaches: centralized and decentralized, secured and algorithmic, fiat-backed, and so on.

Regardless of your preference or view of stablecoins, they are here to stay. They have found use cases as a store of value, especially for traders, and as a popular form of yield assurance. Not all stablecoin experiments have been successful. And it is true. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to forget about them. Now that the work on the bugs has been completed, it's time to revive the BitShares stablecoins.

But they have not yet become widespread, although they are an integral part of the blockchain infrastructure. Our task is to bring back the popularity of BitShares stablecoins and allow them to take their rightful place in the crypto economy.

About AMM:
BitShares has launched new AMM technologies that will allow it to enter the Top Defi projects! And we will do our best for this. Our team is already working on a new interface for XBTS, where all the exciting new BitShares features will be available. We are also working on adding Top coins to the blockchain.

In this thread, I will publish my proposals for the development of decentralized technologies that we are beginning to see in the DeFi world and plans for the future.

Committee Account: europa
Thank you for your votes and support!
Regards, Europa
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