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Hi there, I am tomorrow. This is my statement of candidacy for the MemoryCoin CMO.

Who am I?
I am a 31 year old researcher based in Switzerland. I am specialized in artificial
intelligence and data analysis. I guess we don't need to embed a "brain" into the
block-chain. So why a scientist for CMO? Let's say that we are accurate, honest,
and have strict disciplines. I am also an experienced forex trader and the head of
team 8.

What is team 8?
It is a symbol. 8 stands for UTC+8, the Beijing time. We are a group of talented
Chinese. We are well trained in computer science. All graduated from top universities.
The main members are working in large business and research labs based in mainland
China. They also belong to my start-up. They are
jangbi, senior researcher, specialized in quantum computing
cassidy, senior researcher and engineer, specialized in networking and investment

What we already did?
  • Organization of two round of giveaways and the QQ group
  • Various posts in Chinese forums since the release of MMC (90% of the MMC Chinese stuff are by us)
  • Most of these works is supported by seraphim, the current CSO.

[UPDATE] March 14, 2014
We expanded on social networks including twitter/weibo/QQ. Since March 3, our weibo has been followed by 63 individuals, including some large nodes. We are updating everyday and making our voices. We are giving small amount of MMCs in these social networks as well as the bitcointalk forum. I am making contacts. Most are ineffective or not immediately effective. I am not willing to reveal the details. However, as immediate effects, you can already see the update of MMC links on bter, and that MMC is listed in the MintPal vote list. We have refreshed all links on the site and made a Chinese version of the web site. Thanks to svyatoslav who gave me the access. Many people regard that site as the homepage. Hence such efforts make sense.

[UPDATE] March 29, 2014
We have been maintaining social interfaces including twitter and weibo. This is to let the outside know that we have an active community. The sizes of both networks have expended. Based on my communication efforts, MemoryCoin successfully gets accepted into a new exchange,  Together with other members of the executive board, we helped deployed the first orders to activate the trading there. This is an on-going effort. After release of the new homepage, we re-translated some contents. Now the Chinese translation of the homepage is 100% done.

[UPDATE] April 11, 2014
This is our mid-month report. Not two weeks yet, but have to make such a statement. I am personally sad about the leaving of our old friends freetrade and emre. They were discharged in a dishonorable manner without enough acknowledgements and proper communication. In real life, we communicate, we do not just screw people. If seraphim leave as well, I will leave. I am working on MemoryCoin mainly because of the good experience with the friendly community. For several weeks, my friends in team-8 are not involved in the marketing job anymore. Given the current price level, I cannot really support or convince them as they (and myself) have a stressful work in real life. So it is just me. For the past 10 days, I have been updating twitter and weibo as usual. Both networks are expanded. For the record, we have 296 followers on twitter, and 217 fans on weibo. Our facebook page has just gone live. Community members, please like us there. I have been organizing give-aways on these networks to stimulate participation. I started a repository of pdf documents in Chinese. The objective is to establish a "scientific figure" of MemoryCoin community. Being scientific can be basically understood as being good but having a low profile. It is located at For now it is only an election guide, which has already been announced on BTT. I also made a post-ANN in BTC38's official forum It comprehensively assembled our recent progress. I trust the viewers there will be impressed about the decent developments of MemoryCoin as compared with others which make a lot of noise without real stuff. It is also strategic to make an ANN there. I have been trying to reach as much exchanges and merchants. What is visible is that we have been listed in a new exchange, and we have been listed in Crycurex's voting list. I have been placing orders at bittrex so as to make it start pulsing there. I would suggest our core members do the same. Just placing your limit orders at a good price will already help. QQ群内的朋友:最近一个月在国内休假,不能时常上线,请保持信心继续支持MMC,联系方式见本帖结尾。

[UPDATE] May 2, 2014
I have been communicating a lot with the crypto world. Roughly, out of 10 contacts, we got 1 result. As noticeable developments, we got into, an online profile manager. I have invited to setup a p2pool located at I also contributed a European p2pool node located at I brought the domain, aiming at a p2pool union on every major continent. Now we already have 4 nodes and are looking forward to more. You can see the web-interface at You are welcome to contribute your local p2pool node and earn some pool fees. I have also contacted and successfully got MemoryCoin back on their web-site (thanks to the bug-fix by KillerByte). We have several ongoing projects which can be seen on the new forum No luck for exchange in the term. I do have kept an eye on the new exchange, made the first transaction, and tried to active the trading there. As usual, I have been keep maintaining the social interfaces and organized give-aways there. We now have 333 followers on twitter, a big step forward as compared to half a month ago. If you are looking at this, please follow us on

[UPDATE] May 23, 2014
For the last period, I was extremely busy due to my day job. This will be the case for at least the next 2 weeks. As noticeable developments in the current period, I got MemoryCoin into altcoincalendar. I continue operating my p2pool node and server.

What we will do?
this is only a draft. We adapt when things roll on
. Expanding on the largest social networks in China: weibo and QQ.
. Technical writing and maximally extend each voice
. MMC-bounties web-site with simple interface to let anybody take a task and earn MMC.
. Keep maintaining the cn homepage
. Organizing giveaways in the form of games to promote MMC
. Report in this thread every two weeks
. Incubating and implementing good ideas

How do we honor and support the currently ongoing work?
The current contributors are welcome to join my team. They will be rewarded
in the form of bounties for their ongoing work. Specifically, I fully support the
current on-going development of the fantastic new homepage. I welcome the
CMO candidates who are not elected to apply (limited) fund from me to support
their long-term projects.

How to be involved?
If interested, please send your profile to my email address (see contact). I intend
to maintain a core team of less than 8 people (surely they are not limited to be
at UTC+8). My team members will get salary from me. After the release of the
mmc-bounties web site, more people in the community can be involved.

How to vote?
send .00000001MMC to MVTEcmosdhUoFCZkZ3T4zi14j1ZCogp2DM

How to un-vote?
send .00000001MMC to any other candidate, including
robonix MVTEcmof6MJKAhDBt4cByffKJBX2KEnnJH
itsik78   MVTEcmodH7do4V47ht1U9AXQKMouqYNAYM
or, send .00000001MMC MVTEcmo1111111111111111111115e9dK3 to vote for no one

Why the campaign?
We respect the current work. It is great. I just feel that the MMC
block-chain need some new blood to revive it. I am willing to play
the role to make the position more competitive.

How to make a contact?

Chinese version
用中文说两句. (我们中文言简意赅, 不再逐句翻译) 记忆币是一个根红苗正的币.
参数, 理念, 团队, 大多数山寨币都难望其项背. 本人三十出头, 居住在瑞士, 主业是搞
机器学习研究的, 作风严谨踏实. 背后有一支科班出身的创业小团队, 都是十多年的老朋
友, 个个都很棒. 从去年记忆币发布至今, 我们用业余时间负责中文翻译宣传.

现在本人竞选记忆币CMO. 计划简要如下. 一) 发展微博等社交网络, 让更多人知道记忆
币的核心理念. DAC币是个还没有为大众所知的极大的卖点. 二) 招贤纳士, 让MMC的推广
软文出现在各大论坛. 三) 记忆币悬赏网站. 让更多人能为社区做贡献并领取MMC奖金.
四) 维护中文主页 五) 继续赠币游戏, 发展龙骑士(拥护者, 搜索即知).

票数=记忆币数量. 比如说您有100个MMC,就算100票
将您打算用来投票的记忆币转到一个地址(须本地钱包). 然后用这个地址
发送0.00000001MMC (小数点后七个零) 到 MVTEcmosdhUoFCZkZ3T4zi14j1ZCogp2DM

联系: 请加入官方QQ群 147059306 参与讨论
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