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Error with Changing Owner Keys


You can view and change the owner key only if you have the private key of the old owner key.

If you logged in with a bin file but the owner key is not viewable, it means the private key is not in the bin file. Please try find your private key elsewhere, E.G. another backup.

If your active key is not greyed out, then you can still control your account with only two exceptions -- change the owner key and change the issuer of the assets you created. If your active key is greyed out too, perhaps you should login with cloud wallet mode, in a new browser.

UPDATE: just saw your new message in another thread ( Wish you've got help there. If not, you can come to to look for help.

I cannot add new owner key (the 'Add' button is greyed out). The existing owner key has no private key. It's greyed out. And when I checked the 'Create Paper Wallet'. It shows no private keys.
Considering that I already successfully logged in with my bin file.

I even followed ever step but cannot complete step #10, because of the issue above. Anyone can help? It would be much appreciated!


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