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Convert .bin file based wallets to cloud login?


Thanks, I will try it this way!

Local wallet is a perfectly fine way to login. It is _also_ a means for recovery simply because you can save that file offline in a secure way.

Anyways, what you can do is: Extract your three private keys (e.g. by manually copying it in permissions page, or downloading the paperwallet) and save them securely. You can login via Cloud using your account name and the active private key as the password.

Since it was quite a ride that took several years to regain access to my BitShares accounts I am now happy that I can login using a .bin file, which hasn't worked well in the past. Since after all the trouble I don't trust this login method too much any more, is there any way to convert this to cloud login? Especially the fact that the wallet calls this a "recovery" file makes me think that this is not the normal/preferred way of logging in.


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