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To minimize the operation cost, and make the operation sustainable, GDEX has stopped the automatic deposit/withdrawl mode and switched to manual mode to provide service,from 10th, Oct, 2022.


To withdraw BTC/ETH/USDT/EOS, please send the GDEX.*** token to BTS account gdex-helper, and add the target address in the comment, optionally include the necessary comment.

Example: to withdraw EOS to binance, suppose your deposit comment in binance is 101763317, then you can put "binancecleos#101763317" in withdraw comment.

Withdrawl fee:
GDEX.BTC: 0.0004


BTC, ETH deposit is closed at this time.

EOS deposit: please send EOS to GDEX hot wallet address: gdexeospaste, and put the target BTS account in the transfer comment.

USDT deposit/withdraw will only support TRC20, to deposit, please send USDT to GDEX hot wallet address:  TNZJZ6LBrQyJDNh9sc6gR5HFqJxCmCjoH2 and put the target BTS account in the transfer comment.

Sorry for the inconvenience.