Author Topic: Bitcoin and Namecoin Appear in Draft ICANN Report – U.S. Plans to Relinquish Rem  (Read 2760 times)

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Following up this topic, have we paid ICANN for the .p2p? Or do we have plan to do so?

No way, this is a strictly opt-out system. If someone spends the $100k to register the TLD we'll just pick another.

I don't know why but the sentence "we'll just pick another" don't like me at all...

What happens if someone registers ".bit"? Probably people would fight it because it's been homesteaded, and it would likely get rejected by ICANN.
What would have happened if, right when namecoin was released and nobody knew about it, someone registered ".bit"? Probably they would have to switch.

If the stakeholders decide registering the name is appropriate, they can elect delegates who will direct their income towards a pool to register the name. But that only adds unnecessary ties to centralized entities. What would happen if someone tried to trademark "Bitcoin"? Does the bitcoin community need to trademark it first?

The ICANN procedures work in everyone's interest in this case - for a change.

Pending applications for new strings are evaluated for possible conflicts first before they continue (but after application fee $185k is paid lol) The rules vary according to what "type" of application, but basically plans well under way to launch .p2p should easily scuttle any new application for it.

Also even if someone were to find some unseamly way to push their application through, a challenge can always be launched ... for a $50k fee. Hey those meetings all over the world don't come cheap!
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I think the bottom line is to have a build-in web browser in Bitshares-DNS wallet.

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Good idea - the wallet is already a webapp on the inside!