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I'm wondering if there is already a Domains script in the works?
Here's some word blobs I wrote that need to be strung together:

We're all used to typing ".com" or ".org" into a browser to access a website. And we all know that if you want your own ".com", you just have to buy one from a registrar. But how many people actually know what a registrar is? Where did they originally get those names?


Unfortunately, there's more to it than bloated costs and barriers to entry. Traditional DNS is highly centralized and susceptible to censorship and man-in-the-middle attacks. Even Google has had its SSL certificates compromised by spy agencies, without their knowledge or permission.


With .p2p, you can buy a name at a fair market price and have confidence that your users can connect securely.

Here's Namecoin working on the same thing:

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