Author Topic: Today .I made a too bad mistake  (Read 21962 times)

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I strongly recommend 3I to return the 6000 PTS considering the circumstances.
I feel sorry for it and believe him make a bad mistake ,and but it is impossible for III to return PTS to him.  if III reture PTS to him , verybody who donate in high volume day can requirment III return the PTS or BTC. :pureland
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Damn... what a sticky situation.

The biggest problem I see is that if Stan returns the PTS then then it changes the definition of AGS to include a special case which probably people who write custom blockchain scanners would ignore or not know about (and we would have to rewrite the existing ones).

A void agreement cannot be enforced by law.
Agreements made without consideration is void.
This is one of the basic rules of Contract law.
So,ebit has the right to void the contract of donating 6000 to the AGS .And 3i has the legal and moral obligation to comply.

The whole point is that there are no contracts involved at any stage (though IANAL so I don't know, Do you make a contract when you donate to the salvation army bell ringer guy in front of the store?).
Do not use this post as information for making any important decisions. The only agreements I ever make are informal and non-binding. Take the same precautions as when dealing with a compromised account, scammer, sockpuppet, etc.

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This is a challenging case, don't worry to much, guy, the community might help you.
Anything said on these forums does not constitute an intent to create a legal obligation or contract between myself and anyone else.   These are merely my opinions and I reserve the right to change them at any time.

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Sry about your suffering..

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Wow, 6800+ pts donated today.  Man, I feel sorry for you.  Cheers.
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Then I was waching movie, and i found ags was suit to donate.
So I will donate 9.99 to ags.
But I donated 9.99 to me ,and the rest of pts were donated to ags.

I was sorry to friends who donated today . Very sorry.

日期: 2014-4-20 21:24
支出: -6120.00 PTS
交易费: -0.01 PTS
净额: -6120.01 PTS
交易ID: 741a26b31a65d6b4e54bddbf0e5d456b147d94d63ded6895a6274d4dc4dc0186
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