Author Topic: [OVER] New Public XTS Test for Developers and Savvy Users  (Read 87197 times)

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Does it work for Windows and Linux?
BM's version should only work on Mac, i build it myself on Win7

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Does it work for Windows and Linux?

Offline crazybit

my acccount: XTS2F61RsDFxsacvZZ3tuNUDcipVAkd5BsvoKZHSbHh8LS4xKhQt6E9AhfWkYo2eeZVDFQAp57dheRVq3NzsbT3kCmfZnkEHj

Offline bytemaster

I have launched a new test seed node that is running the latest p2p code.  Blocks are being produced by the default delegates.

If you are a Mac OS X user you can download the test client:


And place them in the same directory...

chmod +x ./xts_client_osx

Then run ./xts_client_osx

Code: [Select]
>>> wallet_create  yourname
[enter password]
[enter password again]

>>> wallet_create_receive_account "from_bytemaster"

Post the address to the forum and I (or one of the devs) will send you some funds...

Instructions for starting the web interface will be forth coming.   More detailed docs are under production.   


To send funds to someone do this:

wallet_create_sending_address "to_bytemaster" XTS2mqExXN83xckVnooXZBz4kAiEofjtU6QCB8ATKbkUg7QhyArxwRAenAHkibTHQspxmwMKqbGzDXcbvfJzxwFNqiH69gcNc

wallet_transfer 888899999  "to_bytemaster"
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