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I'm assuming delegates up-time is critical for the ecosystem. For that will there be a way to gather stats for delegates, as to how quickly they process transactions, or how often they are up and running?

Also how would the system handle internet split? Say there was a technical difficulty and the Internet on one continent was isolated for a few hours. I.e. the Internet gets split in 2 separate clouds, unable to reach each other.

I understand the second question is more technical and this may not be the place to discuss it, but I'm curious as to how much the system can handle automagically. i.e. stats/bad behavior/etc. if these get reported then voting someone out becomes an easier case.

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The top 100 volunteers can start out being a delegate just for the fun of being there when it all begins.

But if you want to remain a delegate, you will need to get and stay elected.
Now would be a good time to start practicing making the case for why you are among the top 100 best delegates in the world.

Example qualifications:

You are well known and trusted.
You have a wickedly high performance and reliable node.
You are located in a diverse geographical location or legal jurisdiction.
You appeal to a big demographic of which you are a member.
You are cheaper than your competitors.
You promise to do something Truly Worthy and Inspiring with your earnings.
You have a cute icon or a clever delegate name.


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