Author Topic: Check your expected LottoShares balance for AGS  (Read 5456 times)

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Re: Check your expected LottoShares balance for AGS
« Reply #30 on: June 30, 2014, 12:37:38 pm »
Some clarification please...

If you own PTS when snapshot was made for lotto, that means you will have shares in lotto?  If so, how does one check those shares?

1. Yes.

2. You can start LottoShares client with your ProtoShares wallet.dat in place in the LottoShares directory, and it should import your balances - and it will tell you which random block they mature on.

This random block will change when LottoShares is launched.

If you have a large balance, tranches of 10,000 will mature at different random times, so that they don't all mature on the same block.

Also, you can view balanced to be included here -

Okay, thanks. Looks good.  Glad to support this effort.